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Chat Room for I-96

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R526 at I-96 - 24th Jun, 201724
Anyone know what was going on today on west 1-96 west by Lake Odessa
R658 at I-96 - 20th May, 201723
Why is there a backup on 96 at Milford road going east
R895 at I-96 - 7th May, 201722
Why are we backed up going to Lansing? MM 78? Workers today?
R724 at I-96 - 21st Apr, 201721
What's with the traffic?
R239 at I-96 - 21st Apr, 201720
Ka123: you must be ahead of me. Can you see why we are stopped?
Ka123 at I-96 - 21st Apr, 201719
Any idea when traffic will start moving I96 exit 67
R239 at I-96 - 21st Apr, 201718
Does anyone know what is happening on EB 96 30 miles outside of Grand Rapids?
R177 at I-96 - 16th Apr, 201717
Whats going on 96 wb right now approaching weberville?
R778 at I-96 - 6th Apr, 201716
Wondering about road conditions traveling east on I 96 from Muskegon to GR
R392 at I-96 - 5th Apr, 201715
Slow moving. Very slow
R446 at I-96 - 21st Mar, 201714
At least 12 firetrucks, ambulance and police just passed on I-96 east before Milford Rd. Traffic not moving.
R101 at I-96 - 18th Mar, 201713
Detroit to Lansing driving conditions?
R985 at I-96 - 18th Mar, 201712
How is driving conditions on i96 lansing to novi
R578 at I-96 - 13th Mar, 201711
is an accident on I96 eastbound near evergreen
Tina at I-96 - 13th Mar, 201710
How are the hoghway for trsvelling from grand rapids to lansing michigan
Tina at I-96 - 13th Mar, 20179
How is the highway I96 to lansing michigan from grand rapids michigan how are the roads
R342 at I-96 - 13th Mar, 20178
How's 696 east between 94&96? Thanks
R342 at I-96 - 13th Mar, 20177
How's 1-96 between novi and east lansing
R615 at I-96 - 11th Mar, 20176
Is there an accident on I96? Been crawling.
Jak at I-96 - 11th Mar, 20175
Backup on i96 to s23
R893 at I-96 - 10th Mar, 20174
What's the back up at Clarksville exit
R382 at I-96 - 8th Feb, 20173
R988: This stinks. How close are you to the accident?
Chris at I-96,MI - 8th Feb, 20172
Accident Westbound on I96 between Marne and Coopersville. Time 7:10 pm. Haven't moved since, it's now 8:12 pm.
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