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R853 at I-95 - Yesterday, 06:12 PM246
Whats the problem I,95 south north of savannah
R643 at I-95 - Yesterday, 04:21 PM245
What's the traffic problem on I95 south north of Savannah ?
Tw at I-95 - Yesterday, 03:23 PM244
What's going on on 95 south of 26
R522 at I-95 - Yesterday, 02:51 PM243
Why is I-95 South near St. George at a complete stop?
R370 at I-95 - Yesterday, 02:48 PM242
Why so many police on I95 NC
Very overheated at I-95 - Yesterday, 02:48 PM241
Why is I-95 South near St. George at a complete stop?
truckerswife at I-95 - 2 Days Ago240
whats going on, on 95 in hatfield ct
R382 at I-95 - 3 Days Ago239
What's the problem on I 95 n around exit
R288 at I-95 - 3 Days Ago238
Is there an accident near I 16 exit
Kiddo at I-95 - 3 Days Ago237
What is the traffic on I95 north in Georgia
R535 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago236
What is the problem on I 95 north around mile marker 30
Bob at I-95 - 4 Days Ago235
R119 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago234
What's going on 95 north by exit 28
Dido at I-95 - 5 Days Ago233
How is the traffic on I 95 from Bdltimore Going north?
R106 at I-95 - 5 Days Ago232
What's the holdup on I95S near Lumberton?
R691 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago231
What's happening on I 95 @ exit 102
Gino at I-95 - 6 Days Ago230
Is there an accident on 95 south near rtf 26 exit
R214 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago229
Is 95N by Exit7 open yet?
R912 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago228
Going south where in 95?
R819 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago227
Is I/95 really closed going south??
Ron at I-95 - 1 Week Ago226
We are 12 miles north of Pedro's. Should we get off at exit 7? Is I-95 really CLOSED??
R439 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago225
What's happening on NC I 95 N bound between Rowland & Lumberton?
R323 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago224
What's happening on I95 south around Westminster ?
R443 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago223
Exit 38 i95n at a stop why
R443 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago222
What's going on exit 83 i95n
R808 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago221
95s virginia?
R838 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago220
Did 95 reopen?
R683 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago219
Is I 95 North bound closed just south of savannah?
JK at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago218
On I95N how far past exit 90 is traffic stopped?
R763 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago217
On I95N how far past exit 90 is traffic stoppef
R101 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago216
R720: do you know what is happening
R101 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago215
Anyone know yet
R101 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago214
Why are we at a standstill around Brunswick
R824 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago213
What is happening? Why are we at a standstill.
KP at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago212
Are there any closures on I-95 in Georgia due to the wildfires?
R526 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago211
Crash south of exit 318 on i95 southbound
R159 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago210
Southbound I 95-slow down just past Jax and before exit 323. SUV rollover-getting put up on flat bed. Up to speed past exit 323.
Millerman at I-95 - 6th May, 2017209
What's going on in Carolina county VA right now
Millerman at I-95 - 6th May, 2017208
What's traffic like in Fredericksburg va
Millerman at I-95 - 6th May, 2017207
Live traffic Fredericksburg va
Tat at I-95 - 5th May, 2017206
What is traffic like on 95 north of maryland
R654 at I-95 - 3rd May, 2017205
What is the delay I-95S?
R513 at I-95 - 3rd May, 2017204
There's an accident on I-95 South. The road is closed. Get off the freeway if you can, traffic is stopped. Posted at 11:03 AM May 3
R872 at I-95 - 2nd May, 2017203
is there an accident on 95 south of Rocky Mount?? we are sitting in a parking lot of traffic im right at the one mile sign for the airport
R739 at I-95 - 1st May, 2017202
Is there a traffic jam on I95 south bound just before santee?
R575 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017201
Why the traffic jam??
R425 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017200
What is the holdup
R243 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017199
St0pped n of mm 33
R406 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017198
Is the acvident north if the walterboro ecit?
R809 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017197
Was there an accident
R351 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017196
At marker 50now- finally back at regular speed . Safe travels everyone
R406 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017195
Not suree we will know when we are past the marker 49.
R406 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017194
Took exit 38 to yanassee. Turned north and driving at excellent speed parrallel to I 95.
R351 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017193
Leaving rest area which is about marker 47 . Still just inching along. 2.5 hrs to go 3-4 miles . Has anyone been past the accident area of around marker 49?
R836 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017192
Mile from rest area, barely much more
R406 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017191
At marker 38. Any clearing ahead? What is the hold up?
R351 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017190
Passed mile marker 45 . Stopped or slightly moving for about 2 hours
R484 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017189
Moving very slowly
Seachel at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017188
Is traffic moving now or still at a stand still? 😥
Pop at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017187
Big wrecker just passed us on shoulder
R107 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017186
Driving from nc on i95 south to drop my kids off in GA then heading back to NC ... saw all the traffic backed up and people sitting on the side of the road .. what's going on?
R308 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017185
Any sign of clearing near walterboro
R351 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017184
Has anyone passed through the accident area around exit 49 in sc?
R235 at I-95 - 30th Apr, 2017183
10 mile backup near Waterbiro. Been stopped for 40 minutes.
R103 at I-95 - 29th Apr, 2017182
Any traffic delays between fayettville nc and richmond va?
R855 at I-95 - 29th Apr, 2017181
What's I-95 N look like entering SC
Kidd B at I-95 - 29th Apr, 2017180
What's 95 S looking like heading to Stafford from Woodbridge
R526 at I-95 - 27th Apr, 2017179
Any one know what is going on?
Worried mom at I-95 - 25th Apr, 2017178
Has anyone heard of accidents between Washington and Richmond since 11 a.m.??
R648 at I-95 - 25th Apr, 2017177
Are there any reports of accidents on 95 between Washington and Richmond?
Florida at I-95 - 23rd Apr, 2017176
Does anyone know anything about a car flipped near Stuart Florida?
R416 at I-95 - 23rd Apr, 2017175
Got on 34 east to 501 north will take you 95 in north Carolina
R626 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017174
Whats going i95 s near ext 281a SC
R222 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017173
What's the reason of traffic in i95?
**** hurts at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017172
R736 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017171
Whats the reason for the traffic being stopped on I95 in GA
R671 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017170
What's up on the lower part of 95 in NJ before Wilmington?
R683 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017169
Nope, but looks like life flight just left.
R133 at I-95 - 22nd Apr, 2017168
Anybody know why we're stopped on I95 N?
R210 at I-95 - 21st Apr, 2017167
What's up with 1-95n traffic stopped in South Carolina
R289 at I-95 - 21st Apr, 2017166
What's going on on 95 south in Georgia? Traffic is stopped.
Pimp at I-95 - 21st Apr, 2017165
How is the traffic going south bound
R760 at I-95 - 20th Apr, 2017164
How is traffic on 95
R584 at I-95 - 19th Apr, 2017163
Does anyone know why so many semi's are still in the weigh stations & rest areas?? Unusual for this late on a weekday
R925 at I-95 - 18th Apr, 2017162
How is traffic I95 south from west palm to boca?
R349 at I-95 - 15th Apr, 2017161
What is the holdup in traffic on 95n?
R748 at I-95 - 15th Apr, 2017160
How"s traffic on i95 North in GA and SC?
R724 at I-95 - 15th Apr, 2017159
Anyone know the reason for the delay on 95 north of Savannah !?
R724 at I-95 - 15th Apr, 2017158
Anyone know what the salary is on 95 north of Savannah ?
R980 at I-95 - 14th Apr, 2017157
Why the traffic at south carolina border n i95
Maryeve at I-95 - 14th Apr, 2017156
What's happening? The traffic is terrible
R580 at I-95 - 14th Apr, 2017155
Why so slow
Me at I-95 - 14th Apr, 2017154
What's traffic like from Jacksonville to Florence
R768 at I-95 - 14th Apr, 2017153
Is the accident in Saint Augustine on I-95 South cleared up yet?
Cat at I-95 - 13th Apr, 2017152
What happened on i95 southbound in Saint augustine
R694 at I-95 - 13th Apr, 2017151
Anyone know what the hold up is?
R437 at I-95 - 13th Apr, 2017150
R676: what s the hold up
R667 at I-95 - 13th Apr, 2017149
Back up
R259 at I-95 - 13th Apr, 2017148
How is DC traffic today
R492 at I-95 - 12th Apr, 2017147
What's going on near Honda Way
R778 at I-95 - 12th Apr, 2017146
What's going on I95 S near Manning?
R289 at I-95 - 12th Apr, 2017145
Is the accident by Congress cleared
Pat at I-95 - 11th Apr, 2017144
How is traffic at Santee sc
R196 at I-95 - 11th Apr, 2017143
What is the situation for I-95 from NC to Darlington SC APRIL 13th and April 16th
R609 at I-95 - 11th Apr, 2017142
How far is backup
R324 at I-95 - 10th Apr, 2017141
Roadwork at mile marker 101-98. Left lane blocked. 😬
R522 at I-95 - 10th Apr, 2017140
Pulled over on I95 S at mile marker 106 in SC what is the traffic holdup ?
R129 at I-95 - 10th Apr, 2017139
What is going on 95 S north if tgecsantee river? Stopped ???
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