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R782 at I-95 - 6 Hours Ago85
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R782. Accident is close to I-95 NJ Exit 79mm, near Cranbury, about 0.51 mi to the exit
R963 at I-95 - 7 Hours Ago84
I-95 Object on road near me, reported by R963
R496 at I-95 - 9 Hours Ago83
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R496
R647 at I-95 - 9 Hours Ago82
I95 south and rt 1 south from Alexandria to Fredericksburg are nightmares! What is going on?? Has taken 1 1/2 hrs to go a few miles.
R226 at I-95 - 9 Hours Ago81
What the heck!!!! I95 South mm153!!!
R226 at I-95 - 9 Hours Ago80
I-95 Congestion near me, reported by R226
R971 at I-95 - 14 Hours Ago79
The delay is south bound on I-95 near exit 102 in South Carolina. Why?
R392 at I-95 - 14 Hours Ago78
I have a family member that has been stuck on I-95 over and hour near exit 102 in South Carolina. Why such a delay in traffic?
R205 at I-95 - 15 Hours Ago77
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R205
R489 at I-95 - 20 Hours Ago76
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R489
R140 at I-95 - Yesterday, 03:34 PM75
Why r there traffic delays. There is no accident on highway. Where r the cops they need to be out here doing their job before the backed up traffic causes accident
R664 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago74
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R664
R363 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago73
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R363
R305 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago72
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R305
R868 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago71
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R868
R374 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago70
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R374
R526 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago69
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R526
R972 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago68
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R972
R992 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago67
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R992
R425 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago66
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R425
R782 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago65
Anybody have any info on the wreck on 95s by emporia?
R961 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago64
Does anyone know what the issue is on 95 South in Virginia (near Emporia)
R307 at I-95 - 5 Days Ago63
On I-95 N 3:22 PM what klis cause of delays
R521 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago62
I95 around exit 94 shut down???? Any info? Sitting stuck for 15 mins already???? 😡😡😡😡
R291 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago61
What has happened on south 1-95 at Townsend Rd?
R511 at I-395 CT - 1 Week Ago60
My father is a trucker who carries cars to differently places. And he good with his job. However, for the first time in forever, he actually lost a car in the highway! He's not sure where is could be, or someone gotten in an accident with it, or the police might have taken it but if anyone have been driving down I-95 or I-395 and seen a broken down white Mercedes Benz in the highway or in the side line, please message us. Email- anexis0203@gmail com
R630 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago59
Thunderstorm in Carolinas on Tuesday. Partly sunny in other states.
R361 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago58
future weather forecast for I 95 corridor
from 08/08/2017 thru 08/09/2017, from nyc to charleston sc
A098 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago57
It is due to volume traffic. There no accidents reported around i 95 DC/VA area
R185 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago56
What is going on this morning that's so backed up on the regular lanes and express lanes. Been at a standstill for over a half hour.
R684 at I-95 - 2 Weeks Ago55
What's happening on I 95 south
R152 at I-95 - 10th Jul, 201754
Accident just south of exit 55 on I 95 southbound lane...expect delays
R648 at I-95 - 8th Jul, 201753
Mile marker 94 accident being cleaned up
R242 at I-20 - 5th Jul, 201752
I'm leaving Atlanta Georgia going to Hampton Virginia I'll be traveling via Highway I-20 and I-95 North how many **** 76 gas stations are there along that route I have a 76 gas card and have to pay attic Lee stop and put gas in my car I need to know where the gas stations are 76 Phillips or Conoco
R781 at I-95 - 3rd Jul, 201751
I'm traveling on i95 South & see signs for detour. What exit to take
A432 at I-95 - 1st Jul, 201750
Stay ON i95 when going to Maine. Traffic in downtown Portsmouth, N.H. limited to the Rte.1 bridge which is an ACTIVE drawbridge! Cars stopped for a mile through Portsmouth center. REPEAT - STAY ON I-95! if traveling into Maine!
R845 at I-95 - 1st Jul, 201749
Wish I knew
R745 at I-95 - 1st Jul, 201748
What in the world is going on on 95 in SC around exit 77??? Even the back roads are congested!!
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