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R558 at I-94 - 3 Hours Ago45
I-94 Congestion near me, reported by R558
R152 at I-94 - Yesterday, 01:44 PM44
Does I94 have any construction between Toledo, Ohio and Harper Woods, Michigan
R462 at I-94 - 2 Days Ago43
Is I 94 open from St. Paul to downtown Mpls or should we take an alt. route?
R620 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago42
Is eb 94 open from I-41 to Miller park
TR3 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago41
Towards Madison west of Oconomowoc 8/9/17
TR3 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago40
What's up with 94 west bound
R568 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago39
is anyone stuck in traffic between Benton harbor and Chicag on I 94??
R577 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago38
Why is I 94 to Madison at a crawl
Bukslayer at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago37
Turned off on the hwy 12 exit
Bukslayer at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago36
Going to Madison to where you at?
R171 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago35
What is going on? Stuck on I 94 trying to get to Madison. Anyone know?
R704 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago34
What's going on
R589 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago33
R855, the traffic is very bad.
Munster to Porter, Length: 25.7 mi. Normal: 28 mins Current: 38 mins
Delay: 10 mins ~39mph
R855 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago32
What's the traffic for 94 east to Indiana on sat 12:00 pm?
R269 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago31
3 accidents 94 W
R395 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago30
Traffic is stopped for miles.
R869 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago29
Anyone know what's going on westbound I 94 Saturday morning?
R732 at I-94 - 30th Jul, 201728
Update; I94 Eastbound is completely closed at Livernois.
R732 at I-94 - 30th Jul, 201727
The East bound side of I94 is currently closed a few miles after exit 20b close to Detroit due to what looks like a serious accident.
R670 at I-94 - 29th Jul, 201726
Major traffic slow down/backup
R374 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201725
Another delay on 94 east past st Joseph and opportunity drive. Unreal! Saw people using the no u turns to go back onto 94 west
R521 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201724
What kind of accident was it that happened near exit 90? People headed East will be backed up for hours. Better off exiting and rerouting around it.
R105 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201723
Crash on 94 east at exit 90. Both directions of traffic being diverted off of highway.
R105 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201722
What is going on on 94 east?! I can run faster than this back up traffic.
R446 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201721
What is going on heading west on I94 a couple miles out of Alexandria, MN? Traffic at stand still in the construction area?
R724 at I-94 - 23rd Jul, 201720
What is causing stop traffic east bound I94 near Garfield,MN?
R911 at I-94 - 5th Jul, 201719
Question if all hwy 94 has tollway fee or not yet
R792 at I-94 - 24th Jun, 201718
At kilbourn north bound I94/43 whats the slowdown about should I get off headed to Cedarburg
R834 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201717
Mile marker 52 very slow moving
R834 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201716
Traffic moving
R470 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201715
Is the vehicle disabled and in one of the lanes?
R834 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201714
Possible vehicle fire
R470 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201713
A few police vehicles passed on the left shoulder. Fyi
R470 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201712
Great question
R834 at I-94 - 2nd Jun, 201711
Anyone know why traffic is stopped on I94
R597 at I-94 - 22nd May, 201710
Is 94 westbound still closed
R958 at I-94 - 21st May, 20179
Any one know what's going on I94 w RoundAlbion
R409 at I-94 - 20th May, 20178
What is issue on West 94? Crawling into Hudson
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