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A127 at I-90 - 4 Hours Ago44
AAA#, (317) 882-1521
A126 at I-90 - 5 Hours Ago43
Need help. Flat tire. Mile marker 56 west on north side Indiana toll way
R704 at I-90 - 5 Hours Ago42
I-90 Object on road near me, reported by R704. Object on road is close to I-90 IN Exit 56mm, near Rolling Prairie, about 0.11 mi to the exit
R885 at I-90 - 5 Hours Ago41
I-90 Object on road near me, reported by R885. Object on road is close to I-90 IN Exit 56mm, near Rolling Prairie, about 0.11 mi to the exit
R228 at I-90 - 20 Hours Ago40
I-90 Congestion near me, reported by R228. Congestion is close to I-90 MA Exit 117mm, near Wayland, about 3.36 mi to the exit
E329 at I-90 - 6 Days Ago39
The accident is between I-90 WI Exit 79 and I-90 WI Exit 85.
E328 at I-90 - 6 Days Ago38
Both lanes stopped. Multiple emergency vehicles.
C801 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago37
KT, Thanks for the info. Accident on I-90 E near Edgerton, WI
KT at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago36
I 90 at Edgerton is totally impassable. Both lanes are blocked with multiple vehicle accident. A tow truck was backing up from in front of the accident to reach it. It will be a long time. We passed going opposite direction.
R944 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago35
Why is I 90 going so slow out of 4th of July pass to Coeur d'Alene?
R170 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago34
Traffic crawling get off at the maintained tranpertaion place before wolf lodge dirt road in some places but worth it
R683 at I-90 - 1st Sep, 201733
What is up when th traffics ham near i90 near Rockford
R668 at I-90 - 21st Aug, 201732
Is exit 106 to postage wi open?
R137 at I-90 - 19th Aug, 201731
How's traffic for me on I-90 traveling to Sioux City, Iowa?
R468 at I-90 - 19th Aug, 201730
In Chicago downtown, I-90 south traffic is always bad until exit 52
R153 at I-90 - 19th Aug, 201729
How bad on I 90 south??
R483 at I-90 - 18th Aug, 201728
One hour stopped on 1-90 what's up!
Clj at I-90 - 18th Aug, 201727
What's up on I90 south
R665 at I-90 - 17th Aug, 201726
Exit 25. What's up? We've been here for 30 ish minutes.
R298 at I-90 - 17th Aug, 201725
Near mile marker 7. Stoped traffic what is wrong
R895 at I-90 - 11th Aug, 201724
What's up on I90 west about 30 mins from Gary?
R487 at I-90 - 7th Aug, 201723
Is Mentor, Oh rest area open east bound
R759 at I-90 - 5th Aug, 201722
Heavy traffic in worster towards auburn
R534 at I-90 - 5th Aug, 201721
Bucktown, Chicago to Greektown, Chicago
Length: 4.2 mi. Normal:
7 mins Current: 25 mins
Delay: 18 mins
Average Speed: ~9mph
R598 at I-90 - 5th Aug, 201720
Why so much traffic on i90 right now !!
R761 at I-90 - 3rd Aug, 201719
Sitting at mile marker 12 trying to catch a flight out of Hartford to be at my dads death bed....any idea what the delay is or when it will clear up?????
R674 at I-90 - 26th Jul, 201718
Is I90 clear from Machesney Park to ohare. I have a flight at 6:45 what time should I leave?
R927 at I-90 - 13th Jul, 201717
Is the i90 cleared for travel from Chicago to Milwaukee
Liz at I-90 - 1st Jul, 201716
Anybody ever stop at the I90 mile marker 90 Elkhart travel plaza? Says they have a re dump station. Just wondering if they have ever overnight spot like on the Ohio turnpike part of I90. Anybody know?
R704 at I-90 - 15th Jun, 201715
Can you stay overnight at I-90 travel plaza in MA?
R578 at I-90 - 14th Jun, 201714
is there a close exit to Devon going east on 90 trying to get to park ridge and avoid touhy off of 294N which is under constructions
Uranus at I-90 - 11th Jun, 201713
It's hard to drive in the Wisconsin Dells.
R137 at I-90 - 11th Jun, 201712
Looking for 24 hour truck service heading west on 90?
R827 at I-90 - 28th May, 201711
Wtf is going on
R222 at I-90 - 21st May, 201710
Any word on what the problem is?
Frog at I-90 - 21st May, 20179
I 90 west bound at 78 mm dead stopped
Frog at I-90 - 21st May, 20178
R267: what is going on up there
R588 at I-90 - 20th May, 20177
I90 westbound before Arlington heights road - debris ion interstate from pickup hitting concrete barrier beside left lane - a ladder a bucket and pieces of his truck.
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