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R222 at I-90 - 4 Days Ago84
Any word on what the problem is?
Frog at I-90 - 4 Days Ago83
I 90 west bound at 78 mm dead stopped
Frog at I-90 - 4 Days Ago82
R267: what is going on up there
R588 at I-90 - 5 Days Ago81
I90 westbound before Arlington heights road - debris ion interstate from pickup hitting concrete barrier beside left lane - a ladder a bucket and pieces of his truck.
Lubster at I-90 - 6 Days Ago80
What's wrong on I90 Ellensburg?
JE at I-90 - 1 Week Ago79
Why is I 90 closed between butte and Bozeman?
R138 at I-90 - 1 Week Ago78
Why is I90 closed near North kingsville exit?
R708 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago77
Stop and go traffic at mile marker 128
R907 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago76
Anyone know about an accident I 90 w near Elkhart. Stopped traffic for miles
R408 at I-90 - 7th May, 201775
Near mile 208. Stopped. What's going on?
R233 at I-90 - 7th May, 201774
On the 90 in Maddison Ohio- emergency vehicles flying by- traffic at complete stop - anyone know what's going on?
R538 at I-90 - 7th May, 201773
7 miles down the road a tanker rolled over
R851 at I-90 - 3rd May, 201772
Anyone know what the problem is with traffic at full stop
RAB at I-90 - 3rd May, 201771
Anybody know if I 90 is closed Eastbound at exit 41 (Rt 89)
R241 at I-90 - 1st May, 201770
What's going on on l90, stopped for 5 mins
R894 at I-90 - 30th Apr, 201769
Why so slow moving by oakdale?
R177 at I-90 - 20th Apr, 201768
What's up with the east bound lanes on I-90 just east of Madison
R389 at I-90 - 18th Apr, 201767
What's up with the traffic?
R610 at I-90 - 17th Apr, 201766
What is the weather like next week to drive from kenosha to gig harbor
R317 at I-90 - 16th Apr, 201765
How's I 90 on mass movin?
R846 at I-90 - 11th Apr, 201764
Are there any Indian restaurants you can stop at with your trailer along 90 west in Seattle WA?
R418 at I-90 - 10th Apr, 201763
What's happening on the 90 towards Boston
R114 at I-90 - 9th Apr, 201762
I 90 eastbound? Towards dells?
Dahlman at I-90 - 8th Apr, 201761
What's the driving conditions for Missoula to Bozeman tonight?
Dude at I-90 - 2nd Apr, 201760
What is traffic like east bound I90 94 just north of Madison wi
Flower at I-90 - 30th Mar, 201759
What's up on pike eastbound! It's a parking lot 10m e of exit 14
Cw at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201758
7 miles down the road a tanker rolled over
Cw at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201757
What's going on with traffic in Wisconsin on i90 in Beloit?
Kt at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201756
What's happening on west bound I 39/90
Clf at I-90 - 18th Mar, 201755
What is traffic condition on i90 west towards buffalo
R259 at I-90 - 18th Mar, 201754
What is traffic condition on i90 west to buffalo right now
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201753
open now for 4 wheelers..No trucks untill 8pm...according to Cuomos facebook page...
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201752
Why no 18 wheelers allowed? Should keep the 4 wheelers off, they cause all the wrecks....
R127 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201751
Can someone tell is 90 open going east to Buffalo
Guest at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201750
Current conditions I90 east from Syracuse to Utica? Thanks
R993 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201749
What is the conditions for hwy 90 new york
Bobby at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201748
Its 90 east close towards buffalo NY?
R668 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201747
Does any one no if I-90east is still closed to Big rigs
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