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R222 at I-90 - 3 Days Ago84
Any word on what the problem is?
Frog at I-90 - 3 Days Ago83
I 90 west bound at 78 mm dead stopped
Frog at I-90 - 3 Days Ago82
R267: what is going on up there
R588 at I-90 - 3 Days Ago81
I90 westbound before Arlington heights road - debris ion interstate from pickup hitting concrete barrier beside left lane - a ladder a bucket and pieces of his truck.
Lubster at I-90 - 4 Days Ago80
What's wrong on I90 Ellensburg?
JE at I-90 - 6 Days Ago79
Why is I 90 closed between butte and Bozeman?
R138 at I-90 - 1 Week Ago78
Why is I90 closed near North kingsville exit?
R708 at I-90 - 1 Week Ago77
Stop and go traffic at mile marker 128
R907 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago76
Anyone know about an accident I 90 w near Elkhart. Stopped traffic for miles
R408 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago75
Near mile 208. Stopped. What's going on?
R233 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago74
On the 90 in Maddison Ohio- emergency vehicles flying by- traffic at complete stop - anyone know what's going on?
R538 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago73
7 miles down the road a tanker rolled over
R851 at I-90 - 3rd May, 201772
Anyone know what the problem is with traffic at full stop
RAB at I-90 - 3rd May, 201771
Anybody know if I 90 is closed Eastbound at exit 41 (Rt 89)
R241 at I-90 - 1st May, 201770
What's going on on l90, stopped for 5 mins
R894 at I-90 - 30th Apr, 201769
Why so slow moving by oakdale?
R177 at I-90 - 20th Apr, 201768
What's up with the east bound lanes on I-90 just east of Madison
R389 at I-90 - 18th Apr, 201767
What's up with the traffic?
R610 at I-90 - 17th Apr, 201766
What is the weather like next week to drive from kenosha to gig harbor
R317 at I-90 - 16th Apr, 201765
How's I 90 on mass movin?
R846 at I-90 - 11th Apr, 201764
Are there any Indian restaurants you can stop at with your trailer along 90 west in Seattle WA?
R418 at I-90 - 10th Apr, 201763
What's happening on the 90 towards Boston
R114 at I-90 - 9th Apr, 201762
I 90 eastbound? Towards dells?
Dahlman at I-90 - 8th Apr, 201761
What's the driving conditions for Missoula to Bozeman tonight?
Dude at I-90 - 2nd Apr, 201760
What is traffic like east bound I90 94 just north of Madison wi
Flower at I-90 - 30th Mar, 201759
What's up on pike eastbound! It's a parking lot 10m e of exit 14
Cw at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201758
7 miles down the road a tanker rolled over
Cw at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201757
What's going on with traffic in Wisconsin on i90 in Beloit?
Kt at I-90 - 26th Mar, 201756
What's happening on west bound I 39/90
Clf at I-90 - 18th Mar, 201755
What is traffic condition on i90 west towards buffalo
R259 at I-90 - 18th Mar, 201754
What is traffic condition on i90 west to buffalo right now
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201753
open now for 4 wheelers..No trucks untill 8pm...according to Cuomos facebook page...
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201752
Why no 18 wheelers allowed? Should keep the 4 wheelers off, they cause all the wrecks....
R127 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201751
Can someone tell is 90 open going east to Buffalo
Guest at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201750
Current conditions I90 east from Syracuse to Utica? Thanks
R993 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201749
What is the conditions for hwy 90 new york
Bobby at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201748
Its 90 east close towards buffalo NY?
R668 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201747
Does any one no if I-90east is still closed to Big rigs
R475 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201746
How is the travel conditions coming from ny to Cape cod on the turnpike
R581 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201745
How is i90w to Syracuse still closed or open?
Suraji at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201744
Please is i90w to Syracuse open or closed?
R931 at I-90 - 15th Mar, 201743
How is 90 looking for semis this morning
Donald at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201742
Is the 90 open to traffic
R366 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201741
What is I90 from New York to Ohio
R2d2 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201740
Is i90 west still closed in Buffalo area
R249 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201739
How is the masspike from Boston to shrewsburry
R847 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201738
I heard I 90 is closed in Erie? Is that true?
R608 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201737
What are roads like erie to buffalo?
Bigcountry22 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201736
What's the road conditions on 90-east towards Buffalo Ny,From Jackson,Michigan
dminey at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201735
how much snow is out there?
R520 at I-90 - 14th Mar, 201734
How is the 90 west going to Albany ny?
BD at I-90 - 13th Mar, 201733
How is I-90 west of Cleveland?
R553 at I-90 - 13th Mar, 201732
How is hiway I90 looking to travel on today
R365 at I-90 - 12th Mar, 201731
Snow packed roads...visibility poor...not fun
R191 at I-90 - 7th Mar, 201730
What's going on by Fairmont? Made us get off interstate
R281 at I-90 - 7th Mar, 201729
How's CDA to Butte right now?
R122 at I-90 - 5th Mar, 201728
Is 10 open
R148 at I-90 - 3rd Mar, 201727
Driving to holiday valley ski resort from Cleveland. How's 90 E pa into ny?
R325 at I-90 - 2nd Mar, 201726
How are the roads from Vaughan to great falls
R959 at I-90 - 26th Feb, 201725
Black ice between Drummond and Missoula- multiple accidents.
R122 at I-90 - 26th Feb, 201724
What are the roads like?
Lindsey at I-90 - 24th Feb, 201723
Hi! We live in Lakeville MN and were wondering how I90 looked if we went to Sioux Falls tomorrow morning? Is it safe? (We would go 35S to 90)
Glenn at I-90 - 24th Feb, 201722
Is I90 safe to travel to South Dakota
Carletta at I-90 - 23rd Feb, 201721
How are the roads going to Pierre SD??
R842 at I-90 - 23rd Feb, 201720
When is it suppose to get bad i90 to minnesota
Megynclara at I-90 - 18th Feb, 201719
How are the rds on i90e bound
R494 at I-90 - 15th Feb, 201718
How are the roads on i-90 over the continental divide
Jules at I-90 - 15th Feb, 201717
How is I 90 east bound road
No at I-90 - 12th Feb, 201716
How I i90
Ann at I-90 - 12th Feb, 201715
Driving from Grafton , MA to Hamden, CT how are the roads
R884 at I-90 - 12th Feb, 201714
Driving from Randolph Mass to Stores CT what are the roads like
R884 at I-90 - 12th Feb, 201713
Driving from Randolph Mass to stoles CT today's weather and road conditions
R195 at I-90 - 12th Feb, 201712
How is the roads to amsterdam
Murph at I-90 - 10th Feb, 201711
Conditions from Springfield ma to cape cod
R409 at I-90 - 9th Feb, 201710
Looking to drive to storrs CT tomorrow from Down town albany NY. Any updates if its a safe trip? Thanks
Nwindiana at I-90 - 9th Feb, 20179
Is there accidents or closures on I90 near Valparaiso
R359 at I-90 - 9th Feb, 20178
Any word on the I90 closure? At Idaho Montana line
R720 at I-90 - 9th Feb, 20177
How is the road looks like this morning by the overpass ?
R923 at I-90 - 9th Feb, 20176
What are the conditions on I-90 from Missoula to Spokane?
Weezi at I-90 - 8th Feb, 20175
How are the roads from kadoka to rapid city?
R904 at I-90 - 8th Feb, 20174
How are the roads from belvidere to rapid city on i 90
Josh at I-90 - 7th Feb, 20173
I90 to Portland
R201 at I-90 - 7th Feb, 20172
How are roads to 495
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