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Chat Room for I-85

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R195 at I-85 - 10 Hours Ago28
I-85 Accident near me, reported by R195
R361 at I-85 - 14 Hours Ago27
I-85 Congestion near me, reported by R361
R134 at I-85 - Yesterday, 09:14 PM26
I-85 Congestion near me, reported by R134
R753 at I-85 - Yesterday, 12:34 PM25
I-85 Accident near me, reported by R753
R439 at I-85 - Yesterday, 12:28 PM24
I-85 Congestion near me, reported by R439
R863 at I-85 - 3 Days Ago23
What happened?
R953 at I-85 - 3 Days Ago22
I85 Southbound CLOSED and traffic re-routed from GSBO - near Grandover Exit
R201 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago21
What's happening on 85n around exit 47? We've been crawling for about 30 minutes
Judy at I-85 - 21st Jul, 201720
Is the traffic backed up at the Satterwhite road exit?
Jabpp4 at I-85 - 21st Jul, 201719
What exit on i-85 south is the tractor trailer accident. I am going to Greenville around 3:15 today and hoping it's cleared
Val at I-85 - 16th Jul, 201718
85 Greenville to Charlotte what's going on
R600 at I-85 - 30th Jun, 201717
Does anyone know what's going on with the traffic
R639 at I-85 - 24th Jun, 201716
Southbound between Flatshoels and Union City. All lanes shut down. At stand still. Effecting 285 and 75. 4 cars. Very Bad !
R776 at I-85 - 18th Jun, 201715
Hey just FYI I have absolutely do not know why it is bumper-to-bumper on I 85 south for about what seems like 20 miles just to soon as you get into North Carolina all the way past Hendersonville mile marker 212 starts to open up it's just slow traffic
R776 at I-85 - 18th Jun, 201714
I 85 south near exit 214 is bumper-to-bumper traffic and I don't know why there's no accidents that I can see you have so far
R776 at I-85 - 18th Jun, 201713
Does anybody have any idea what is going on and I 85 south around exit 214 Hendersonville
A076 at I-77 - 11th Jun, 201712
Any construction on I-77 from Statesville to I-85? Expected delays, need to be at Charlotte airport for flight.
R677 at I-85 - 29th May, 201711
What is traffic like between Montgomery and aubutn
R623 at I-85 - 26th May, 201710
Bumper to bumper l 85 North mile 109
Sheena at I-85 - 21st May, 20179
Just past exit for Gàffey, SC traffic is bumper to bumper. Been this way since we hit Altanta,Ga. Does anyone know why other than the weather?
R911 at I-85 - 21st May, 20178
Any idea of problem on I 85
R817 at I-85 - 20th May, 20177
My father dropped his checkbook... any idea how to call Reston management?
R680 at I-85 - 18th May, 20176
How is traffic around Duncan,any wrecks
Bridget Boyd at I-85 - 15th May, 20175
Like y'all's food so much
R201 at I-85 - 12th May, 20174
First one to tell me whats going on wins a king size twix from my car
R190 at I-85 - 12th May, 20173
We've been at stop for 35 minutes. Any idea what's going on?
R201 at I-85 - 12th May, 20172
What is going on stuck in traffic
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