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Sheena at I-85 - 2 Days Ago110
Just past exit for Gàffey, SC traffic is bumper to bumper. Been this way since we hit Altanta,Ga. Does anyone know why other than the weather?
R911 at I-85 - 2 Days Ago109
Any idea of problem on I 85
R817 at I-85 - 3 Days Ago108
My father dropped his checkbook... any idea how to call Reston management?
R680 at I-85 - 5 Days Ago107
How is traffic around Duncan,any wrecks
Bridget Boyd at I-85 - 1 Week Ago106
Like y'all's food so much
R201 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago105
First one to tell me whats going on wins a king size twix from my car
R190 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago104
We've been at stop for 35 minutes. Any idea what's going on?
R201 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago103
What is going on stuck in traffic
R584 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago102
Whats going on on 85 north Lawrenceville?
R983 at I-85 - 30th Apr, 2017101
What's the problem on 85 near Commerce?
R467 at I-85 - 29th Apr, 2017100
Why are SP pacing traffic?
R594 at I-85 - 27th Apr, 201799
Hi. I'm going to 17th St and coming from lawrenceville. Can I take 85 south all the way to 17th st?
R476 at I-85 - 25th Apr, 201798
Headed to work. Is there traffic on I-85 North getting off onto exit 19
Morticia at I-85 - 22nd Apr, 201797
How long time is backup on i85 north Atlanta
R232 at I-85 - 21st Apr, 201796
Where is the wreck and what happened?
Rae at I-85 - 21st Apr, 201795
Headed to North Carolina on I85 North from Cobb County. What's the traffic like right now
Elkey at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201794
Coming from 85 South going to Athens this weekend. Can you suggest an alternate route around all of the traffic issues. As well as an alternate from Athens to Montgomery?
R500 at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201793
How far south bound is traffic backed up
R901 at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201792
Do you have any idea when I-85 will be open?
R976 at I-85 - 19th Apr, 201791
I was just passed by about 20 police cars with blue lights on I-85 North. What was happening?
Jhov at I-85 - 18th Apr, 201790
Traffic sb 85 charlotte
R162 at I-85 - 17th Apr, 201789
What's going on on i85 south. We have been stopped for over 20 minutes
R784 at I-85 - 17th Apr, 201788
Trying o find out what is going on near my location. Have been sitting at a stand still for about 30 mins
R132 at I-85 - 16th Apr, 201787
is traffic congested on I-85 North to Richmond
R576 at I-85 - 12th Apr, 201786
From Indianapolis ...traveling to Sharpsburg far can we go on I85 south of Atlanta?
Ang at I-85 - 11th Apr, 201785
Hi what's going on at marker 128 NC 2 officers blocking lanes .
Pamela at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201784
What is the problem on 85 north???
Mt, at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201783
Does anyone know if traffic is moving on I 85 North and South Carolina
Brett at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201782
What in on highway 85 going to Greenville
Malone at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201781
Is 85 moving at all in SC?
Marge at I-85,SC - 10th Apr, 201780
Why is 85 North stopped? Around exit 6?
R182 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201779
Looks like 30 miles backed up and we omly went from Newnan to LaGrange but I can see it stretches farther toward alabama
210eric at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201778
Is I 85 still backed up
Carly1107 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201777
Traffic backed up for miles on I 85 south don't where the wreck or what is but when I noticed they were moving it was backed up before the exit for hwy 81
210eric at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201776
Get ready to stop traffic backed up just beyond exit 35 south bound
Fred D. 55 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201775
How Atlanta traffic
R728 at I-85 - 8th Apr, 201774
Why is this backed up
Marcus at I-85 - 7th Apr, 201773
How is the I-85 North look right now?
Jackie at I-85 - 6th Apr, 201772
I have a friend coming in from Florida. How is the best way for him to travel to Cumming?
R910 at I-85 - 6th Apr, 201771
Is it possible to take I85 South towards Georgia State University?
R369 at I-85 - 6th Apr, 201770
How's traffic 85south to Cheshire bridge
R984 at I-85 - 2nd Apr, 201769
How is trafffic on I 85 south to Montgomery?
R935 at I-85 - 31st Mar, 201768
R490: how is the traffic your way? 85 is a nightmare
Ttt at I-85 - 31st Mar, 201767
Im in atlanta im driving to NY is i85 n closed?
R385 at I-85 - 31st Mar, 201766
How bad is wreck on I85 south bound just south of Opelika?
Jj at I-85 - 31st Mar, 201765
What is the detour around the bridge that was on fire yesterday
Jennifer at I-85 - 30th Mar, 201764
I am going to Tifton ga tomorrow how bad is the traffic going to be
R501 at I-85 - 30th Mar, 201763
How bad is traffic? I'm leaving for Florida tommorow and have to be there around 8:00, I don't know what time to leave??
falcon at I-85 - 30th Mar, 201762
i see smoke
Chick at I-85 - 29th Mar, 201761
Why is northbound i85 stopped at Hamilton mill?
R404 at I-85 - 26th Mar, 201760
What is hold up on I85. Currently
R645 at I-85 - 23rd Mar, 201759
What is the holdup on I85 North mile market 85?
R311 at I-85 - 22nd Mar, 201758
What's the holdup on I 85 south
R306 at I-85 - 19th Mar, 201757
How is I85S traffic coming to airport
R306 at I-85 - 19th Mar, 201756
How is traffic headed south on 85 to airport
R405 at I-85 - 18th Mar, 201755
Does anybody know what happened up here on I-85?
R895 at I-85 - 12th Mar, 201754
How is the traffics on i-20 from Atlanta To Clayton NC
R380 at I-85 - 12th Mar, 201753
Does anyone know how long it's going to take to get through this stall south of shorter??
R380 at I-85 - 12th Mar, 201752
R184: what is going on south of shorter
R164 at I-85 - 12th Mar, 201751
What is the reason
R958 at I-85 - 11th Mar, 201750
How much longer
R256 at I-85 - 11th Mar, 201749
How long is the delay and what is the cause. Driving to Fayetteville,NC.
Any alternate routes?
R897 at I-85 - 11th Mar, 201748
Which lane is closed ahead?
R469 at I-85 - 11th Mar, 201747
Who's know...what happens...
R135 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201746
R127 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201745
Has it cleared up any
R469 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201744
R135 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201743
Well you can no longer turn around. Someone is broke down attempting to go the opposite way
R135 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201742
Is there a way off and back on around this?
Bubba at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201741
Looks like a fatality
R177 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201740
What happend on 85 north
R524 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201739
Not any help here I see
R524 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201738
Is the problem after the Shorter exit?
R135 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201737
R611: is it clearing up any up there
R135 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201736
Would it be best to turn around and use side roads here? Been stu,k for over 2 hours!
R524 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201735
Anyone know what's up on i85 North near Shorter, AL
Gonnabelate at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201734
Been here for 2 hours. What the damn hell. Clean the **** up and let's move on. K thanks.
R221 at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201733
Several ambulances. Fire trucks went by several minutes ago 7:04pm
Gonnabelate at I-85 - 10th Mar, 201732
Anyone know what's going on on 85 north outside of shorter? Stuck on the interstate
Whatsupdoc at I-85 - 9th Mar, 201731
15 min in same spot. I-85 north. What's happening?
IGottaWork at I-85 - 7th Mar, 201730
What the hell is going on with this 85 north traffic. This is RIDICULOUS! We've been siiting now for 2 hours!!! Where are complaints filed because this is too long?!
R236 at I-85 - 7th Mar, 201729
I 85 north. Traffick stopped???
Rev kita at I-85 - 5th Mar, 201728
Rev kita at I-85 - 5th Mar, 201727
What going on on 85 south we have been in traffic a long time
Teresa Brooks at I-85 - 3rd Mar, 201726
Anyone able to tell me road conditions 85 South north of Davila, GA?
R265 at I-85 - 2nd Mar, 201725
What is causing thr traffic on I85 North near Concord?
R809 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201724
People are trying to go backwards on the side but they're having no luck. Best bet sit right.
thankyourluckystars at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201723
Be thankful it wasn't you that lost a loved one in a wreck
R687 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201722
There has to be a more efficient way of clearing up a casualty.
R735 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201721
This is bull****
R761 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201720
Does it look like the road is being cleared? What happened?
R114 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201719
Multi CAR pileup with fire reported
R225 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201718
How bad is the accident. Does it look like we will be moving any time soon
R620 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201717
What's going on newnan I85
R392 at I-85 - 1st Mar, 201716
What's going on i85 north near exit 61
R803 at I-85 - 26th Feb, 201715
What's going on on 85 in tuskegee
R591 lil g at I-85 - 25th Feb, 201714
Headed North Towards LaGrange GA. How's traffic?
R214 at I-85 - 25th Feb, 201713
R856: what's going on w traffic up there
R300 at I-85 - 25th Feb, 201712
R856: headed north?
Sonja at I-85 - 24th Feb, 201711
What's the delay on 85N past mall of ga
R986 at I-85 - 22nd Feb, 201710
R332: can you see what the delay is?
R417 at I-85 - 20th Feb, 20179
What's going on? Stuck between Kannapolis and China grove
R673 at I-85 - 16th Feb, 20178
Stuck at exit 60 for half an hour what is going on?
LUCKII at I-85 - 14th Feb, 20177
What mm is the accidennt at
R759 at I-85 - 11th Feb, 20176
Can anyone see the traffic issue?
Joe at I-85 - 8th Feb, 20175
Does anyone know what's going on with the traffic at a standstill near exit 215
Carla at I-85 - 8th Feb, 20174
R433 at I-85 - 7th Feb, 20173
Traffic at at standstill just before West Point exit southbound. Wreck?
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