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Chat Room for I-84

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R433 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago23
Any snow on passes between Pendleton and boise ?
B011 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago22
any snow on cabbage
R907 at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago21
Is i84 open from the dalles to portland
R172 at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago20
Is i84 completely open from Richland to Canby
R120 at I-84 - 3rd Oct, 201719
Is i84 completely open from Kennewick to Portland east.
A308 at I-84 - 24th Sep, 201718
Around 40 miles from Scranton
A308 at I-84 - 24th Sep, 201717
Bear hit laying on the road on 84 going east
R389 at I-84 - 24th Sep, 201716
Is I 84 open from Portland to hood river?
A288 at I-84 - 23rd Sep, 201715
Is I-84 still closed?
A142 at I-84 - 21st Sep, 201714
Is 84 closed from hood river to Portland tomorrow evening?
Robo at I-84 - 21st Sep, 201713
Is Highway 84 Eastbound open for motorhome traffic?
R977 at I-84 - 19th Sep, 201712
Is I-84 Eastbound to Boise, ID from Portland open?
E604 at I-84 - 18th Sep, 201711
R384, looks like I 84 W is open, eastbound is still closed
R384 at I-84 - 18th Sep, 201710
Is 84 from hood river to hwy 5 open
E461 at I-84 - 16th Sep, 20179
R515, no, it is closed in both directions as of now. don't know when it will be open.
R515 at I-84 - 16th Sep, 20178
Headed to Eugene from Spokane today Saturday is 1 84 open thru to Portland?
E329 at I-84 - 15th Sep, 20177
R308, it looks like the eastbound is still closed, but westbound is open based on google map
R308 at I-84 - 15th Sep, 20176
Is I-84 east from Troutdale still closed?
D897 at I-84 - 13th Sep, 20175
I-84 is still closed to Portland both directions. Anybody know why?
D547 at I-84 - 12th Sep, 20174
R262, no it is still closed. The sign says it is closed until 9:30PM
R262 at I-84 - 12th Sep, 20173
Is I 84 open to Portland?
R546 at I-84 - 11th Sep, 20172
Is I 84 open today
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