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Chat Room for I-83

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R340 at I-83 - 12 Hours Ago8
I83 northbound north of Schwann road is completely stopped
R648 at I-83 - 12 Hours Ago7
I-83 Accident near me, reported by R648. Accident is close to I-83 MD Exit 13, near Brooklandville, about 0.81 mi to the exit
R698 at I-83 - 2 Weeks Ago6
Saw helicopter overhead? Any info?
R526 at I-83 - 2 Weeks Ago5
I saw EMS pass any info
R702 at I-83 - 2 Weeks Ago4
Just sitting I83 what the deal
R888 at I-83 - 1st Aug, 20173
Using 83 from Baltimore to shrewsbury pa. Is there a lot of road work on 83?
R609 at I-83 - 19th Jun, 20172
Comeplete dead stop right now 83 South toward the city
Roadnow Chat for I-83 - 10th Dec, 20131
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