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R469 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago149
What's going on I 81 south 82 mile marker
R964 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago148
What is happening on 81
R491 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago147
Whats traffic like for south 81 around ironto
R819 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago146
Seems to be the backup on 81 in Lebanon County
Sws at I-81 - 1 Week Ago145
R154 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago144
How long is the road worknow near Colonial Heighrs, TN?
Sam at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago143
Thats 81 south
Sam at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago142
Is there backups on th. 82 between Scranton and Hazleton South bound
MichselJTritter at I-81,NY - 2 Weeks Ago141
Accident on I81 on South Bound side in Lafayette. State Police on scene.
R233 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago140
Attn : Chris at the rest stop south bound .The welcome to Tn. Stop !!!!!!!!! Plez get in touch with me !!!! Please !!!!!! I was in the rental truck ! Please contact me. . . 865-801-0136
R233 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago139
Chris u helped me !!!!! Plez get with me !!!!! Im the one that was in the rental truck !!!
R233 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago138
Needing to speak with chris that is at i81 south bound toward TN. Plezzzzzzz
Barb T at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago137
Any hope for recovering my black women's wallet stolen 2 PM yesterday (12 MAY) from the PA I-81 South rest stop east of Harrisburg? The cards are obviously gone, but I'd like to get my pictures back.
Is there a Lost/Found contact?
Carol at pa at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago136
Can you park over nite at the PA welcome center
R602 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago135
what are the traffic conditions on I-81 between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton
R602 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago134
How is the traffic on Route 81 between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton Pennsylvania
R743 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago133
Is there traffic on route 81 between Wilkes Barre and scranton pa
81 s Cortland at I-81 - 11th May, 2017132
81 s heading towards Cortland?
Baseball at I-81 - 10th May, 2017131
How is 81 n from Wilkes barre to moosic?
Hilary1220 at I-81 - 9th May, 2017130
anyone have any idea what is going on southbound on 81 near the Maryland border. I am in the Poconos and hubby just called and said he saw approximately 50 police cars heading south! Any news?
Mary at I-81 - 8th May, 2017129
Can someone tell me how far traffic is backed up on 81 North near Scranton pa?
CT1 at I-81 - 7th May, 2017128
Passed mile marker 121 going north on I81. Came to a stop! Anyone know what is going on?
Showtime at I-81 - 7th May, 2017127
How's 81 n looking from the 100 mile marker to Hazleton pa
R307 at I-81 - 7th May, 2017126
Is there a wreck on I-81? Stopped near mm 128
R826 at I-81 - 7th May, 2017125
What's going at Woodstock traffic is stopped
R241 at I-81 - 7th May, 2017124
Traffic stop and go at MM19
Jamnie at I-81 - 6th May, 2017123
What is going on with the accident at MM123 on I-81?
R996 at I-81 - 6th May, 2017122
What is going on i81 mm123
R841 at I-81 - 6th May, 2017121
Whats going on i 81 s, west va
R354 at I-81 - 5th May, 2017120
Any idea what's happening on 81 north here in Tennessee
R182 at I-81 - 3rd May, 2017119
How is traffic in I-81 between Scranton and Wilkes Barre
R124 at I-81 - 3rd May, 2017118
Does anyone know how much longer before traffic mover on i81 at marker 230.
R617 at I-81 - 3rd May, 2017117
R921: almost clear?
R204 at I-81 - 2nd May, 2017116
How much longer will this delay be
Brenda at I-81 - 2nd May, 2017115
How long for traffic delay on i 81 south
R811 at I-81 - 2nd May, 2017114
R715: do you have traffic update..Thanks
R912 at I-81 - 29th Apr, 2017113
Any closures or detours on 81N from state college to nj?
R912 at I-81 - 29th Apr, 2017112
Is 81N closed at all from state college to nj?
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