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I-80 Weather Conditions and Forecasts


I-80 current weather conditions

  • detailI-80 New Jersey: Overcast, 44°F
  • detailI-80 Pennsylvania: Overcast, 34°F
  • detailI-80 Ohio: Overcast and Breezy, 37°F
  • detailI-80 Indiana: Fair, 28°F
  • detailI-80 Illinois: Fair, 32°F
  • detailI-80 Iowa: Fair, 34°F
  • detailI-80 Nebraska: Fair, 43°F
  • detailI-80 Wyoming: Fair, 25°F
  • detailI-80 Utah: Fair, 37°F
  • detailI-80 Nevada: Fair, 37°F
  • detailI-80 California: Fair, 57°F

I-80 7 day weather forecast

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