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R851 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago348
Take route 46
R590 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago347
Had to get offf exit 27 from route 80 east . I'm lost help me please
R851 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago346
Near exit 25-30 in nj....I was on there earlier and bikers passed traveling in excess of 100 mph....when returning westbound I could see one had crashed it appeared like
R851 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago345
Confirm possible fatality on I 80 eastbound
R440 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago344
We are on I-80 west, somewhere near Delaware Water Gap. Eastbound is completely shut down. Dead body on side of road. Covered, but foot sticking out. Pedestrian struck?
R672 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago343
Traffic jam due to accident 20 minute delay
R409 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago342
What's causing the backup West bound I80 near Elkhart, IN
TCook at I-80 - 6 Days Ago341
Are there any wind advisories for I-80 today?
Dianne at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago340
how far from Wendover to gas going toward Salt Lake City
R194 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago339
What's wrong at Gary
R678 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago338
Any I 80 closures between Cheyenne and Idaho
R585 at I-80 - 10th Jun, 2017337
Is i80 WB still closed?
R307 at I-80 - 5th Jun, 2017336
Are there any closures on I-89 between Utah and Nebraska ?
R287 at I-80 - 1st Jun, 2017335
West bound traffic is stopped
R965 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017334
What is happening on 80/90? Not moving
R691 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017333
R691 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017332
not sure
R694 at I-80 - 28th May, 2017331
Anyone know why were at a dead stop?
R122 at I-80 - 27th May, 2017330
Is I 80 open between rawlins
and Laramie now
R250 at I-80 - 26th May, 2017329
Overturn rig on left lane really bad exit 353 near York. Be careful slow down be safe
R831 at I-80 - 25th May, 2017328
I 80 east near exit 73. Back up! Any one know what's going on?
R646 at I-80 - 21st May, 2017327
Eastbound between Toledo and Cleveland. Traffic's backed up forever
R646 at I-80 - 21st May, 2017326
Anyone have info
I 80 south bend at I-80 - 21st May, 2017325
Anyone know what the hold up is near south bend? I'm 15 minutes away and GPS says 2 hours to south bend
R661 at I-80 - 21st May, 2017324
What's going on on I 80 by tire rack
R429 at I-80 - 21st May, 2017323
Stopped at I80 near South Bend;anyone know why?
Mel at I-80,CA - 21st May, 2017322
Stopped traffic Vacaville I 80 east
R634 at I-80 - 20th May, 2017321
No idea, situation normal, all f***ed up
R505 at I-80 - 20th May, 2017320
Does anyone know why we are stopped?
R470 at I-80 - 19th May, 2017319
Any word on when I 80 east Will open from Evanston to Cheyenne?
Chase at I-80 - 19th May, 2017318
Anyone know what the traffic is from on I 80 west thru NJ
R895 at I-80 - 19th May, 2017317
Going from Rawlings to Cheyenne. Are roads open
kathy at I-80 Evanston, Wyoming Traffic - 19th May, 2017316
does anyone know why I-80 is shut down?
Ash at I-80 - 19th May, 2017315
What's going on on 1-80 west mile 84?
Mel at I-80 - 18th May, 2017314
Is I-80 West at Laramie closed?
R749 at I-80 - 18th May, 2017313
At Bitter Creek Rest stop. Is i80 open to Rawlins?
KAy at I-80 - 18th May, 2017312
Hii can you let me know what time i80 wear open
R773 at I-80 - 18th May, 2017311
Is I-80 in Colorado closed as well? I need help. I am heading to California
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