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R646 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago327
Eastbound between Toledo and Cleveland. Traffic's backed up forever
R646 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago326
Anyone have info
I 80 south bend at I-80 - 3 Days Ago325
Anyone know what the hold up is near south bend? I'm 15 minutes away and GPS says 2 hours to south bend
R661 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago324
What's going on on I 80 by tire rack
R429 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago323
Stopped at I80 near South Bend;anyone know why?
Mel at I-80,CA - 4 Days Ago322
Stopped traffic Vacaville I 80 east
R634 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago321
No idea, situation normal, all f***ed up
R505 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago320
Does anyone know why we are stopped?
R470 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago319
Any word on when I 80 east Will open from Evanston to Cheyenne?
Chase at I-80 - 5 Days Ago318
Anyone know what the traffic is from on I 80 west thru NJ
R895 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago317
Going from Rawlings to Cheyenne. Are roads open
kathy at I-80 Evanston, Wyoming Traffic - 5 Days Ago316
does anyone know why I-80 is shut down?
Ash at I-80 - 5 Days Ago315
What's going on on 1-80 west mile 84?
Mel at I-80 - 6 Days Ago314
Is I-80 West at Laramie closed?
R749 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago313
At Bitter Creek Rest stop. Is i80 open to Rawlins?
KAy at I-80 - 6 Days Ago312
Hii can you let me know what time i80 wear open
R773 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago311
Is I-80 in Colorado closed as well? I need help. I am heading to California
Chris at I-80 - 6 Days Ago310
Accident east of exit 279 on I 80
R947 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago309
Is there a accident by wxit 60
Babs o babs at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago308
Any road closure on I-80 going to California
R857 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago307
I 80 east is there an accident?
Mari at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago306
Im in salt lake utah going to wyoming is it raining ?? On i-80
R431 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago305
Sitting at a stop on I80 West Nile marker 98.5.. Any info?
1-80 mm 418 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago304
Car pulling a uhaul trailer flipped over. No injuries but holding up traffic.
Marsha at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago303
What is happening on interstate 80 east approx mm 420? Thank you.
R921 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago302
Been sitting on i80 mm 225 for 1.2 hours no info?
R569 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago301
What is going on with the I 80 east traffic going to Sacramento. It's at a standstill
R274 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago300
What is traffic like traveling East from Tooele to SLC airport
Eg at I-80,OH - 5th May, 2017299
I-80W traffic at a standstill for many miles. Cause unknown.
R711 at I-80 - 5th May, 2017298
I80w completely stopped at exit 59
John at I-80 - 5th May, 2017297
R852: r u stuck on 80 east in slc?
R384 at I-80 - 4th May, 2017296
Anyone know what happened?
R252 at I-80 - 4th May, 2017295
I80 is slow from the I88 exit across the Mississippi into Iowa
R164 at I-80 - 3rd May, 2017294
Anyone have a grill and some burgers?
R893 mike at I-80 - 3rd May, 2017293
Whats going on
Lexington to Oregon at I-80 - 30th Apr, 2017292
Anyone know if he's 80 west is open and current conditions
R287 at I-80 - 28th Apr, 2017291
Any update west 80 opening
R891 at I-80 - 28th Apr, 2017290
Why is the road closed in Lyman Wyoming
R960 at I-80 - 27th Apr, 2017289
Are there any roads closed im in wells nevada driving back to California
R359 at I-80 - 26th Apr, 2017288
trying to get to bloomsburg on I 80 can someone tell me what going on I have a family member stuck in car at standstill Please let me know what is going on Route I 80 just outside of Bloomsburg heading west bound
R824 at I-80 - 25th Apr, 2017287
80 south from Kimball...conditions
R620 at I-80 - 24th Apr, 2017286
Is I-80 west out of Reno closed?
R654 at I-80 - 23rd Apr, 2017285
Where is the nearest chipotle
Maven at I-80 - 22nd Apr, 2017284
Is there an accident on I-80?
R112 at I-80 - 22nd Apr, 2017283
What happened on 80 this morning@ Briggs st.exit West bound,about 7:30am
R358 at I-80 - 22nd Apr, 2017282
Is I 80 closed
R567 at I-80 - 21st Apr, 2017281
How's traffic
R620 at I-80 - 21st Apr, 2017280
How's weather
Shorty at I-80 - 19th Apr, 2017279
Cking if I 80 is open from Elmo to Salt Lake City
Accident at I-80,IN - 18th Apr, 2017278
I80 indiana / 94mm
Alot the fire rescue traffic stopped
3:40 pm
R669 at I-80 - 16th Apr, 2017277
Car fire EB just shy of the 355 junction
Boohoo at I-80 - 13th Apr, 2017276
How is visibility from north platte west
R281 at I-80 - 11th Apr, 2017275
Is I 80 backed up at mm 88?
R808 at I-80 - 8th Apr, 2017274
Is I80 from rawlings to cheyenne still closed for hi profile vehicles ?
R201 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017273
Is 80 clear thru indiana
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017272
Construction in 4 miles after gary
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017271
Opened after Gary
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017270
All lanes crawling almost to a stop. Hauling oversized load. Closing 2 lanes closed now.
R209 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017269
How is I-80 by Twinsburg
R676 at I-80 - 6th Apr, 2017268
C at I-80 - 6th Apr, 2017267
M pa at I-80 - 6th Apr, 2017266
R332 at I-80 - 6th Apr, 2017265
Anybody out there
R332 at I-80 - 6th Apr, 2017264
How the wind conditions going across interstate 80 into Iowa from Illinois
R334 at I-80 - 5th Apr, 2017263
About to head to Jersey City from exit 28 Heard traffic is awful Anyone have info?
Jersey sux at I-80 - 5th Apr, 2017262
Whats going on on I 80 by the george Washington bridge?
R864 at I-80 - 3rd Apr, 2017261
I'm on route 80 near the Delaware water gap in stopped traffic. Anybody know what's going on
R145 at I-80 - 2nd Apr, 2017260
Anyone know why state troopers had everyone getting off on I-80 and reverting everyone to a different route at the 80- 280 interchange?
R684 at I-80 - 1st Apr, 2017259
Overturned semi. All traffic exiting at 19
R723 at I-80 - 1st Apr, 2017258
why the actual **** is this **** ****ing closed
Jacqueline at I-80 - 1st Apr, 2017257
What happened on route 80 eastbound by exit 19 in hackettstown nj? The state troopers had the entrance of route 80 E bound .
R812 at I-80 - 1st Apr, 2017256
how is 1 80 heading from Laramie to Lincoln nebraska
R394 at I-80 - 31st Mar, 2017255
Any idea what the traffic on I 80 mile number 296 is eastbound
R180 at I-80 - 31st Mar, 2017254
How are the roads
Porti momna at I-80 - 31st Mar, 2017253
How's I 80 west from Laramie to,Slc
Porti momna at I-80 - 31st Mar, 2017252
How's I 80 west from Laramie
R151 at I-80 - 31st Mar, 2017251
How is 80
Anahi at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017250
Is I-80 E closed for truck drivers im in wendover
Anahi at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017249
Is I-80 E closed.?
Kendra at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017248
My husband is coming home from delivering drywall to Elko! Is I-80 Open???
Iowa bound at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017247
Im almost to utah border does the roads get any better? Im a nervous wreck lol
R134 at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017246
What's causing standstill on EB 80
R454 at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017245
Whats going on
R477 at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017244
Does anyone know if there is an accident or construction causing the west delay ?
R477 at I-80 - 30th Mar, 2017243
This delay sucks
R703 at I-80 - 29th Mar, 2017242
Cj at I-80 - 27th Mar, 2017241
How much snow is up there
R681 at I-80 - 26th Mar, 2017240
Nick at I-80 - 26th Mar, 2017239
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017238
Rrover: did you get out of it?? If you got a ps4 you should add me FriedMerman
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017237
We moving...bye friend....
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017236
Awe I don't have a spoon....fooie
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017235
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017234
Can't take much more haha I'm frikken hungry.
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017233
Bahahahaha then I need to seriously get going to help this war move along!!! No its not but I am right next to the ones who are.
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017232
Is that you bumpin da beat
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017231
Mass effect is an all out galactic war to take earth back from DONALD TRUMP LOL
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017230
Yeeees. I just picked it up last night and this awful traffic is keeping me from saving the galaxy!!!!
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017229
R237 at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017228
Bahahaha I can't think of a good one.
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017227
In dentist terms my nickname would be Root Canal ya feel me and this is worse than an extraction
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017226
I gotta say I am not a patient person and this is killin me. I got some Mass effect to play tonight bahah
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017225
I think sully just landed a jumbo jet on i80 at exit 290 passengers are on wings i repeat passengers are on wings
GCrown at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017224
Haha I got o the phone with a friend so I'm not bored hahahah just saw what y oo u put, neh I'm not a dentists son haha
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017223
Im vglad you read on i80 website what we already fn know
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017222
Yo Gold crown what up you mist be a dentists son
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017221
For a chat room yall arent very chatty i picture you with drool and flies around your mouth. Am I right ? can i get an amen?
Rrover at I-80 - 22nd Mar, 2017220
I feel like yall dont like me or something
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