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I-80 OH Traffic and Road Conditions (switch state)

Current I-80 Ohio traffic status
17 hours ago,
258 mi. Normal: 3 hours 50 mins, Current: 4 hours 14 mins, Delay: 24 mins ~60mph
From Exit 13 to 234 ,
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I-80 Ohio Traffic

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I-80 Ohio Traffic and Road Conditions from DOT

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  • Nov 10 Tru Cty: 11-13, I-80 WB to Salt Springs Rd. will be closed through 11-20. Detour info can be found at 

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    Major city traffic along I-80 Ohio


    I-80 traffic between exits in Ohio

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    I-80 Ohio exit traffic

    ~ mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 197mm

    15.01 mi 5.3 mi 1.51 mi 7.8 mi 1.16 mi 1.31 mi 0.7 mi 5.18 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 237mm

    ~ mi

    Mile Marker 237mm

    48.75 mi ~ mi 26.68 mi 6.61 mi 4.65 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 139mm

    21.71 mi 7.48 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 100mm

    18.75 mi 9.77 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 71mm

    17.11 mi 4.86 mi 6.92 mi 17.81 mi 5.32 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 49mm

    26.08 mi ~ mi

    Mile Marker 21mm


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