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R851 at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:02 PM829
Take route 46
R590 at I-80 - Yesterday, 08:24 PM828
Had to get offf exit 27 from route 80 east . I'm lost help me please
R851 at I-80 - Yesterday, 06:59 PM827
Near exit 25-30 in nj....I was on there earlier and bikers passed traveling in excess of 100 mph....when returning westbound I could see one had crashed it appeared like
R851 at I-80 - Yesterday, 06:58 PM826
Confirm possible fatality on I 80 eastbound
R616 at I-81 - Yesterday, 06:32 PM825
I'm at mile marker 310 headed south on I-81. GPS wants me to get off and turn around. Any idea why? Church group going to ky. What happened at I-81 near I-66?
R440 at I-80 - Yesterday, 06:22 PM824
We are on I-80 west, somewhere near Delaware Water Gap. Eastbound is completely shut down. Dead body on side of road. Covered, but foot sticking out. Pedestrian struck?
R763 at I-81 - Yesterday, 04:11 PM823
Any word on traffic jam northbound near Dixie caverns?
R672 at I-80 - Yesterday, 03:39 PM822
Traffic jam due to accident 20 minute delay
R316 at I-81 - 2 Days Ago821
My sister is westbound on I 81 at mile marker 116. A big rig lost a tire and smashed her window in so she is unable to see to get off the guardrail. She is unhurt. Cops were called over 30 minutes ago.
R639 at I-85 - 2 Days Ago820
Southbound between Flatshoels and Union City. All lanes shut down. At stand still. Effecting 285 and 75. 4 cars. Very Bad !
R409 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago819
What's causing the backup West bound I80 near Elkhart, IN
TCook at I-80 - 4 Days Ago818
Are there any wind advisories for I-80 today?
R359 at I-88 - 5 Days Ago817
Has any portion of I88 been resurfaced from Oneonta to Binghamton?
R864 at I-81 - 5 Days Ago816
Any clues what is going on 81 s at halfway blvd
R193 at I-81 - 6 Days Ago815
Why is traffic backed up on 81n
Jen at I-84 - 6 Days Ago814
Why i84 crawling by middletown entrance????
R609 at I-83 - 1 Week Ago813
Comeplete dead stop right now 83 South toward the city
R776 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago812
Hey just FYI I have absolutely do not know why it is bumper-to-bumper on I 85 south for about what seems like 20 miles just to soon as you get into North Carolina all the way past Hendersonville mile marker 212 starts to open up it's just slow traffic
R776 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago811
I 85 south near exit 214 is bumper-to-bumper traffic and I don't know why there's no accidents that I can see you have so far
R776 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago810
Does anybody have any idea what is going on and I 85 south around exit 214 Hendersonville
R166 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago809
Is mm 45 south bound on 81 closed for accident?
R804 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago808
2 18wheelers wrecked I81 exit251
Dianne at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago807
how far from Wendover to gas going toward Salt Lake City
CC at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago806
What is the traffic holdup on I 81 toward Sevierville
R194 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago805
What's wrong at Gary
R678 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago804
Any I 80 closures between Cheyenne and Idaho
A076 at I-77 - 2 Weeks Ago803
Any construction on I-77 from Statesville to I-85? Expected delays, need to be at Charlotte airport for flight.
Nan at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago802
Is this information in bookform for easy reference?
R585 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago801
Is i80 WB still closed?
R307 at I-80 - 5th Jun, 2017800
Are there any closures on I-89 between Utah and Nebraska ?
R994 at I-81 - 3rd Jun, 2017799
It's at mile marker 17. Rerouting off exit 23
Too hot for this at I-81 - 3rd Jun, 2017798
Any word on when this traffic is gonna get going? I'm at mm 21
R287 at I-80 - 1st Jun, 2017797
West bound traffic is stopped
R653 at I-81 - 31st May, 2017796
Accident at mile marker 194.6 traffic very slow
R862 at I-81 - 30th May, 2017795
Are there delays in luzerne and Lackawanna counties
R965 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017794
What is happening on 80/90? Not moving
R691 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017793
R691 at I-80 - 29th May, 2017792
not sure
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