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Bc at I-80 - Yesterday, 06:35 PM869
, is there a traffic accident in Buffalo County outside of Kearney Nebraska why is it bumper to bumper traffic
R228 at I-81 - Yesterday, 12:10 PM868
does anybody know what's going on
KEVINWHEELER at I-81 - Yesterday, 11:30 AM867
LOOKING FOR A CAR WITH VT PLATE GXE145 maybe headed toward alabama if seen cal 1802 323 3117
KEVINWHEELER at I-81 - Yesterday, 11:15 AM866
Judy at I-85 - 2 Days Ago865
Is the traffic backed up at the Satterwhite road exit?
Jabpp4 at I-85 - 2 Days Ago864
What exit on i-85 south is the tractor trailer accident. I am going to Greenville around 3:15 today and hoping it's cleared
R746 at I-81 - 3 Days Ago863
Traffic is at a crawl
A817 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago862
conditions around elko because of fires on interstate 80
R166 at I-89 - 4 Days Ago861
What are the hrs for Applebee's today at exit 14s?
R515 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago860
I80 west mile 112 near past Clearfield PA at standstill as of 2300 hrs. Accident
R164 at I-80 - 1 Week Ago859
Why is one lane of traffic backed up under Georgia st on I 80?
R273 at I-80 - 1 Week Ago858
Stuck in traffic for 30 mins ???
Val at I-85 - 1 Week Ago857
85 Greenville to Charlotte what's going on
R220 at I-8 - 2 Weeks Ago856
From Tucson to San Diego July 14 '17. Google maps tells me I must take the I-10 through Phoenix because of an I-8 W closure just on the CA side of the border. Is there really a detour?
chet at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago855
where is franks diner?
chet at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago854
where is franks diner
R317 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago853
How is traffic on i80 east to new jersey from Delaware water gap
R326 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago852
You can use the Detour Tool to see if it is possible. Detour Tool is on the Home page of I-80
A584 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago851
Is it possible to detour around Youngstown to avoid I 80 East & West? Is it even possible to do that?
R286 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago850
Single Lane I80 ?
R985 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago849
Accident just before Wiota, Iowa exit (64?)west Bound or just after quota exit east bound. Semi/minivan
R684 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago848
Route11 and I 81 near spring Mills exit 20? Is traffic stopped. Road closed?
R445 at I-87 - 5th Jul, 2017847
I am looking for parking my car on I-87 near suffern. Is the parking free or do I have to pay?
How much is the charge
R267 at I-81 - 5th Jul, 2017846
R267 at I-81 - 5th Jul, 2017845
Is there a accident at Exit 222 on I81 in Va
R884 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2017844
Is I80 open now between exit 48 Fernley and Reno?
A465 at I-80 - 4th Jul, 2017843
Is I80 still closed?
R514 at I-80 - 3rd Jul, 2017842
Standstill both lanes eastbound I80 @ York exit. Can't see far enough ahead to see the accident, traffic is backed up over a mile.
A450 at I-80 - 2nd Jul, 2017841
i need a tireshop near exit 161 on i 80E
A450 at I-80 - 2nd Jul, 2017840
i got flat tire on i 80 e near exit 161,where can i find a tire shop?
R965 at I-80 - 1st Jul, 2017839
Two car left lane
R712 at I-80 - 1st Jul, 2017838
Accident T mile marker 392
R600 at I-85 - 30th Jun, 2017837
Does anyone know what's going on with the traffic
R546 at I-81 - 30th Jun, 2017836
Is there any backup on 81 North near Hiawatha Boulevard?
A413 at I-8 - 30th Jun, 2017835
Looking to take I8 through yuma from phoenix to san diego saturday morning - is it open all the way?
dbf at I-81 - 30th Jun, 2017834
my daughter is on 81 in PA around mm20.any idea of where backup starts and stops?
R443 at I-81 - 30th Jun, 2017833
81- south bound near greencastle complete stand still. 81- North open and clear
A407 at I-8 - 30th Jun, 2017832
i want to go from sun lakes to rancho bernardo via I-8 but google wants to sent me via I10. Is there construction that warrants the change
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