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Jan at I-85 - 1 Hour Ago145
Is I-26 exit on I-85 northbound still closed.
R182 at I-80 - 22 Hours Ago144
Do we need chains in California by Truckee
R976 at I-80 - Yesterday, 06:28 PM143
How's 80 west bound in munster in
D348 at I-80 - Yesterday, 04:23 PM142
Total gridlock on expressway. I 80 before Gary Indiana. Stay on reg I 80 freeway east. 20 min. Stay calm, leave's rolling now. Yay!
Pam Fischer at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:14 PM141
Traffic tied up on hey 80 near Evanston Utah. What is the delay time? What happened?
R586 at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:11 PM140
looks like there are two accidents, first one closer to mountain view - 30 minutes second over 1 hour (closest to Evanston)
Pam Fischer at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:08 PM139
Traffic tied up on hey 80 near Evanston Utah. What is the delay time?
R950 at I-80 - 2 Days Ago138
Is weather conditions good From I-80 Reno to Denver? Snow or chains required?
R359 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago137
Oh, my. My dog will pee on my carpet as I sit in traffic.
R530 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago136
Is 84 west from exit 17 to Beacon exit 11 clear ?
R586 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago135
84 traffic in brewster. How long?
R388 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago134
What is causing all this traffic on 84 W???
C856 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago133
Accident 84 W at Ludingtonville Rd Exit 17
R268 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago132
Does anyone see wth is going on now?
R661 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago131
what exit is the accident on 84 ?
R230 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago130
Appears to be a horrific accident on 84 West. Box truck smashed into tractor trailer
Ralph at I-84 - 1 Week Ago129
What is causing dtopped I 84 traffic near Danbury
R642 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago128
How’s the roads on 81N syracuse to Watertown
R406 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago127
North bound from pleasant is a dead pool. A lot of semi
R297 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago126
What is the delay on I 84 near Arlington and how long do they expect it to be?
R237 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago125
Long Stand still around mp 157.
R161 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago124
What was up with 85 S this morning. Jumped on by Jimmy carter and there were NO cars. i second guessed myself that i turned onto the wrong highway or something. i was doing about 80 around 7am.
C725 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago123
Is 81 south to Martinsburg open
R359 at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago122
Has the hazard waste spill been contained/ cleaned up and road open yet?
C618 at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago121
Road closed eastbound exit 216
C603 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago120
R422 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago119
Any news on 81 North VA Marker 67 accident this morning
R774 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago118
Is there a delay on I80 from Lake Point to Nevada?
R149 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago117
Traffic on 85 near mall of grorgia
R927 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago116
I 80 is stopped fully just before exit 405...
R953 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago115
What is happening at exit 405 on the ID Northeast?
C447 at I-81 - 2 Weeks Ago114
I hope no one was hurt. Is this cleared yet? If not when will it be?
R180 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago113
is exit 233 open on i-85?
C396 at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago112
Why is traffic backed up on I84 in Caldwell?
R233 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago111
Just wondering if anyone can tell why the i80 is closed from Bradshaw on?
C344 at I-80 - 1st Nov, 2017110
We are in express lane by ecit 5
R955 at I-80 - 1st Nov, 2017109
If the ecpress lane was supposed to be closed there should have been a barricade, instead of letting us get stranded for way over an hour
C340 at I-80 - 1st Nov, 2017108
Stopped on i80 east near hwy53. Is anything being done to clear the left lane. We've been stopped for 45 mins.
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