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The boss at I-78 - 6 Days Ago61
Is there....anybtraffic on the newark bay bridge into bayonne
Ramesh at I-78 - 6 Days Ago60
Hi please tell us what's going on here on I-78 I wanted to know how long more they will take to open up the road
R651 at I-78 - 6 Days Ago59
What's going on up there on 78?
R651 at I-78 - 6 Days Ago58
What's going on ??
R594 at I-78 - 6 Days Ago57
What is happening along route 78 near Krumsville? Traffic been stopped
Chymell at I-78 - 1 Week Ago56
Why is 78 near Hamburg **** down?
Pottsy at I-78 - 1 Week Ago55
Why traffic slow eastbound
R191 at I-78 - 1 Week Ago54
What exit is between 78 east and somerville
Sue at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago53
What's the backup on 78 westbound near Lehigh valley please
Sue at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago52
What's going on westbound 78
R862 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago51
78 between exit 60a and 57 can anyone see what's going on?? sitting here for an hour already ...
sg at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago50
What's going on with 78 westbound near exits 14b/c right now?
R726 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago49
What the hells going on?
Tom at I-78,PA - 2 Weeks Ago48
Road work blocking both lanes near mile 21.7 as of 11:00pm
R253 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago47
5/8/17 @ 15:53:

What is going on in 78 west express lanes?
R786 at I-78 - 6th May, 201746
How traffic by hellertown
Jdog at I-78 - 2nd May, 201745
How far is traffic backed up on 78 e
R648 at I-78 - 30th Apr, 201744
What is the yrafglif heading to holland tunnel
R268 at I-78 - 28th Apr, 201743
Current traffic on 78 east
?? at I-78 - 16th Apr, 201742
Accident?? Or can people not drive?
R297 at I-78 - 14th Apr, 201741
Yo people hurry up I gother places to be.
R631 at I-78 - 14th Apr, 201740
Whats going on 78 w with traffic
R442 at I-78 - 13th Apr, 201739
What's happening on I81 south at exit 49 and how far does it stretch?
R945 at I-78 - 7th Apr, 201738
Why is i78 closed tomorrow at Pa mm 23
R973 at I-78 - 3rd Apr, 201737
What is the holdup
R973 at I-78 - 3rd Apr, 201736
How many accidents happened on this road????
R876 at I-78 - 3rd Apr, 201735
Stay off the shoulder you ****ing faggots
R411 at I-78 - 3rd Apr, 201734
Mike at I-78 - 3rd Apr, 201733
78 east bound closed near basking ride exit 36
R649 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201732
Every time you trying to make it home yourun some bull crap like this
R649 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201731
I know I should not have ate that salad for lunch getting the bubble guts
R649 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201730
Nothing worse than being stuck in traffic when you get to boo boo
R649 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201729
This is a witch loss 50 minutes all ready
R766 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201728
What is problem on route 78 west right before 81
R792 at I-78 - 31st Mar, 201727
Traffic halted around MM43 on I78west. Accident???
M at I-78,PA - 20th Mar, 201726
Diesel oil slick at end of I-78W exit 49A ramp onto Rt-100 South. Very slippery.
R952 at I-78 - 20th Mar, 201725
What's happening on 78 in union now? Traffic very slow
R239 at I-78 - 18th Mar, 201724
Whats going on rt 78 east?
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