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R475 at I-75 - 19 Hours Ago212
What is going on I75N just by mm 303
R525 at I-75 - Yesterday, 05:14 PM211
R they cleaning up accident yet
R130 at I-75 - Yesterday, 04:09 PM210
Ok any knew on what is happening on i75sb sb approx 183 mm ga?
R490 at I-75 - Yesterday, 03:54 PM209
Is there an accident in the SB lanes on I75 heading towards acworth?
R343 at I-75 - Yesterday, 03:49 PM208
R413: still stuck?
R709 at I-75 - Yesterday, 03:38 PM207
What's going on on i75 in Mcminn County
R772 at I-75 - Yesterday, 01:43 PM206
What's going on SB 75 in Kentucky at exit 29?
R334 at I-75 - Yesterday, 12:45 PM205
How far is I 75 backed up southbound at exit 205
R334 at I-75 - Yesterday, 12:44 PM204
How far is traffic backed up on I 75 sb
St at I-75 - 2 Days Ago203
How far is i75 in ga backed up
Carole at I-75 - 2 Days Ago202
Any closures on Alligator alley
Nickie at I-75 - 3 Days Ago201
R300: what's happening up there?
R736 at I-75 - 3 Days Ago200
What's happening on 75 N near exit 188 in Georgia?
Pr at I-75 - 3 Days Ago199
Is i75 near Naples fl open
R675 at I-75 - 3 Days Ago198
Is alegatos alley open this morning
R118 at I-75 - 3 Days Ago197
Heading north on 75 is there still stopped traffic near Richmond
R440 at I-75 - 3 Days Ago196
I guess according to new there is someone at a standoff with police
mads at I-75 - 3 Days Ago195
I-75 north is at a standstill, anyone know what's going on?
R440 at I-75 - 3 Days Ago194
I75 south right before exit 90 at a complete stand still. Anyone know what's going on?
R625 at I-75 - 4 Days Ago193
I am near exit 33 s I 75, wreck. Any info on when we can move
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