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R493 at I-75 - 9 Hours Ago612
Sb I-75 stopped near allatoona why???
R184 at I-75 - 5 Days Ago611
Does anyone know how 75N looks at exit 134?
R709 at I-75 - 6 Days Ago610
Anyone know what happened
R708 at I-75 - 6 Days Ago609
What's going on at. I75 north. Rome ga
C978. L & J at I-75 - 6 Days Ago608
I-75 North exit 130, congested still but haven’t seen it down to one-lane just yet. Anyone else have news, or is this just typical backup for this area?
R617 at I-75 - 6 Days Ago607
Exit 129 I-75 North past Lake City, Tn. What’s going on with traffic? One lane closed up ahead... any wrecks??
R218 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago606
Can someone tell me how 75 north is from walton ky
R296 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago605
What's going on on I 75 South. Heading south of Atlanta. It's bumper to bumper
R855 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago604
Why is there so much traffic on 75 marietta
C650 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago603
Any road construction between Tampa and Naples Florida on I-75 south
OnRd at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago602
C603 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago601
NeedureyezGa at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago600
I NEED some help I'm looking. For my daughters jeep its 98 grand Cherokee last location was 75N broke down please help me look Friday was a week since last seen????
R307 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago599
Right now
R103 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago598
I-74 backed up in TN traffic is only moving 6mph
R918 at I-75 - 30th Oct, 2017597
What was in the road this morning at 5:00am 475
CEE CEE at I-75 - 26th Oct, 2017596
anyone know whether this traffic is normal 5:00 or is there accident ahead? We're on the bridge on 75 N
R967 at I-75 - 25th Oct, 2017595
What is going on on I 75 N at MI 259
R845 at I-75 - 24th Oct, 2017594
Is there a 3-hour detour off interstate 75 southbound in Tennessee?
R718 at I-75 - 22nd Oct, 2017593
I-75 south near mile marker 90 Richmond, KY exit, traffic backed up no movement for 45 minutes
B489 at I-75 - 20th Oct, 2017592
Can I get to DTW via I-75
B431 at I-75 - 19th Oct, 2017591
Accident on I75 South near Forsyth GA? I’ve been parked in traffic for an hour can anyone see what happened?
R580 at I-75 - 19th Oct, 2017590
Delay i75 to tampa? How far?
R143 at I-75 - 18th Oct, 2017589
Did anyone else see twenty cop cars with lights on going I75 South near Brandon Florida
B306 at I-75 - 16th Oct, 2017588
which place replaces front windshield
R762 at I-75 - 15th Oct, 2017587
Exit 378 congestion?
B241 at I-75 - 15th Oct, 2017586
Why is traffic backed up on I75 Soith around Ocala?
B176 at I-75 - 15th Oct, 2017585
Is there an alternative route
B176 at I-75 - 15th Oct, 2017584
Is I 75 south open
R111 at I-75 - 12th Oct, 2017583
Anyone know why traffic near exit 129 is so slow?
R992 at I-75 - 12th Oct, 2017582
Traffic from state line into ky from tn extremely slow, still at exit 128, no construction or accident in site, don't know why it's so slow
A681 at I-75 - 9th Oct, 2017581
R548 at I-75 - 8th Oct, 2017580
**** this weather
A488 at I-75 - 6th Oct, 2017579
Does anyone know what is going on , on I-75 northbound near Fenton?
Ter at I-75 - 5th Oct, 2017578
What is the mileage between exit 165 and exit 172 on Interstate 75 in Macon, GA?
R813 at I-75 - 28th Sep, 2017577
Is the 75 north bound closed?
R412 at I-75 - 25th Sep, 2017576
Anyone know what conditions are like from exit 49 to exit 62 and then from 62 on north toward Lexington. Police are routing us off 75 and into a detour.
A371 at I-75 - 25th Sep, 2017575
A car is on fire
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