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R222 at I-75 - 5 Days Ago298
What is going on at 75 before flint north
R500 at I-75 - 5 Days Ago297
What is the hold up on 75n in florence
R760 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago296
Whats the holdup on I-75 near west branch or just past that area
R413 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago295
75 in MI
R413 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago294
How long is this traffic going to be backed up on 75 north by exit 202
R800 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago293
There is "closest car repair" on the home page of i75
R479 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago292
Go to travel tools page, do nearby point of interest search, you will find car repairs near you
R677 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago291
Anyone know any tire repair on exit 69 or 71
R197 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago290
does anyone know the name of the first service plaza heading north on the florida I-75?
R399 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago289
Anyone traveling between Macon and Atlanta northbound ? Any traffic issues? I know southbound (Monroe co)has been blocked due to a semi fire
R144 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago288
How is the accident on 75 leaving Clarkston now North bound
R829 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago287
How far out is the accident ?
Should I exit 285
J0485 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago286
R842: what is going on with the accident?
R688 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago285
Construction N. South of West Branch.
R108 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago284
Any update on I-75S accident. Anyone know what mile marker.
R260 at I-75 - 4th Jun, 2017283
Why are there police officers in all lames ? Traffic moving slowly. Mile marker220
rob at I-75 - 1st Jun, 2017282
any fire closures along the I75
R721 at I-75 - 29th May, 2017281
Anyone have update?
Mkzzz at I-75 - 29th May, 2017280
What's going on 75 at mt vernon?
R644 at I-75 - 29th May, 2017279
What's traffic/roadway conditions on i75 in flint
R637 at I-75 - 29th May, 2017278
I75 mile marker 65 several cars tailgating
Almost about to crash. How can I report to the police??
R324 at I-75 - 29th May, 2017277
Does anyone know what's going on I75 around mile marker 62/ mount Vernon? Traffic is at a stand still
R132 at I-75 - 29th May, 2017276
Does anyone know what's going on I75 around mile marker 62/ mount Vernon? Traffic is at a stand still
JJ at I-75 - 28th May, 2017275
How's the traffic nb 75.toledo to detrit?
R135 at I-75 - 25th May, 2017274
What's going on around Richmond/Winchester on I 75??
R647 at I-75 - 19th May, 2017273
Bad traffic jam
Nancy at I-75 - 19th May, 2017272
What's going on with the traffic on I-75 North starting at Luna Pier and way up past Monroe
R914 at I-75 - 19th May, 2017271
North 75 traffic stops
R144 at I-75 - 19th May, 2017270
R481: what's going on?
R144 at I-75 - 19th May, 2017269
Wolf: What is hold up do you know?
Wolf at I-75 - 19th May, 2017268
What's going on I75N towards Tampa?
R143 at I-75 - 17th May, 2017267
What's going on I75 North towards Macon?
Nana bananas at I-75 - 16th May, 2017266
How is traffic North on 75,leaving Tampa now
R337 at I-75 - 16th May, 2017265
how is the traffic on I75 north approaching miramar parkway?
JTC at I-75 - 16th May, 2017264
Is there an accident on 75 South
R408 at I-75 - 16th May, 2017263
R843: how long is the delay? Is there a bad accident?
Kelli I-75North(ky) at I-75 - 16th May, 2017262
Why are they holding up traffic? All three lanes with work trucks on the outter lanes and sheriff in middle lane are being slowed to 15/20 mph.
Renee at I-75 - 15th May, 2017261
That's I 75 going notth
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