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R110chuck at I-71 - 4 Days Ago51
Ho how long and how far is the fog North 71
Butterfly at I-71 - 4 Days Ago50
I am in traffic on Interstate 71 North in Columbus Ohio between Morse Rd and Route 161 what's going on?
R880 at I-71 - 1 Week Ago49
Was told motorcycle accident
R880 at I-71 - 1 Week Ago48
I'm a mile from exit 5 on 71n and I can't see anything
R545 at I-71 - 1 Week Ago47
Any idea what is causing traffic to be at a stand still?
R650 at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago46
what is wrong with i-71 south by columbus
Killer B at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago45
Is there a wreck on I 71 N or is it just volume?
R405 at I-71 - 30th Apr, 201744
What's happening on 71 north?
R198 at I-71 - 25th Apr, 201743
What's happening 71 north
R708 at I-71 - 23rd Apr, 201742
What is the delay on 71 S
R489 at I-71 - 23rd Apr, 201741
Anyone know why we are at a stop here?
Kate at I-71 - 21st Apr, 201740
Where will the closure be on Saturday April 22?
R529 at I-71 - 6th Apr, 201739
What's happening on 71 south neat Jeffersonville
Butt naked at I-71 - 4th Apr, 201738
Heard a fatal accident near Florence , been stuck in traffic for an hour now
R319 at I-71 - 4th Apr, 201737
Any idea what is going on and how many miles this traffic jam is?
Mo at I-71 - 31st Mar, 201736
Truck lost Part of load into ditch - bobcat bringing up. Right lane blocked using left shoulder to pass
Mo at I-71 - 31st Mar, 201735
Yikes - real slow.
R427 at I-71 - 31st Mar, 201734
R360: what's going on
R360 at I-71 - 31st Mar, 201733
71 S is backed up.. why? (3/27)
R637 at I-71 - 19th Mar, 201732
What is going on with traffic on 71n
Rob at I-71,KY - 4th Mar, 201731
Rt 75 S KY Dixie Hwy to Rt 275 shut down for over 30 minutes now!
R259 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201730
Did traffic open up or is it still backed up?
R463 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201729
Does anyone know mike marker where accident is?
R672 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201728
Fatal Crash
Big Daddy at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201727
We been on i71 almost 2hrs with a car full of kids, what's going on up there an accident or construction?
R817 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201726
Anyone know what's going on?
Heidi at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201725
What is traffic STOPPED????
R920 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201724
Anyone know if there is a turn around place?
R475 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201723
Does anyone know what's going on 71?
R840 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201722
Any estimated time when it will reopen
R771 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201721
Anyone know why this is closed and if it
is opening?
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201720
Any body knows plz
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201719
How many hours we have to wait
R990 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201718
What has it shut down?
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201717
Hello is it accident
Baldheat at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201716
Thanks for the update
Everett at I-71,KY - 3rd Mar, 201715
71 north bound is shut down between Carrollton and exit 55
R990 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201714
Anyone know what is going on between Carroll and Sparta?
Baldheat at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201713
71 northbound near sparta, dead still anyone know what's up?
R789 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201712
Anything moving up there yet
Samira at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201711
Dead stop
Samira at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201710
Is it an accident
It has been more than hour
In my car
R984 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 20179
What is going on with I-71 north near Sparta?
R442 at I-71 - 23rd Feb, 20178
Where is accident ..between which exits on I71N Feb 23?
R748 at I-71 - 16th Feb, 20177
What is 71 South road conditions from Ashland to Cleveland?
R604 at I-71 - 9th Feb, 20176
What's going on I-71 outside of Cincinnati? We are stopped
CE at I-71 - 9th Feb, 20175
R841 at I-71 - 9th Feb, 20174
What's the delay
R871 at I-71 - 6th Feb, 20173
What s the hold up on 71 this morning
Roadnow Chat for I-710,CA - 10th Dec, 20132
Welcome to Roadnow Chat Room. Your input will help all your fellow drivers on the road. Don't Text & Drive. Thank you!
Roadnow Chat for I-71 - 10th Dec, 20131
Welcome to Roadnow Chat Room. Your input will help all your fellow drivers on the road. Don't Text & Drive. Thank you!