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Dayton, Ohio City Info

~3.35 miles to Exit 52b a of I-75 OH
~3.56 miles to Exit 51 of I-75 OH

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R549 at I-70 - 1 Minute Ago47
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R549. Accident is close to I-70 MO Exit 127, near Columbia, about 2.58 mi to the exit
R800 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago46
Any traffic conditions between Wheeling, WV and Washington, Pa?
R219 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago45
Accident on I-70 W causing long delays back to exit 160
interstate 70 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago44
What's happening on 70 heading to Hancock?
R121 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago43
Any news on this?
C266 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago42
Did anyone else hear an explosion near exit 25 near eighty four?
R794 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago41
Stopped on 70 east for going on 3 hours. No idea what is going up. Parking lot. Unreal
R121 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago40
We are finally moving
R879 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago39
R778 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago38
Is the accident before or after the Putnamville /SR243 exit?
R194 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago37
Why isn’t traffic being redirected??
R160 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago36
Is there any updates this is 😜
R333 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago35
West bound semi jumped median on 70 and crashed on 70 east bound. 70 is closed and no time given for reopen
R122 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago34
Why have I been sitting still for almost 3 hrs on 70?
R829 at I-70 - 30th Oct, 201733
Is there an accident on 70 E by Cloverdale??
sue at I-70 - 30th Oct, 201732
hey..anyone know why there is a slow down on us 70. just out of Brazil Indiana heading towards Putnumville?
R644 at I-70 - 27th Oct, 201731
Is there an accident on 70 near exit 24 in ohio
R962 at I-70 - 27th Oct, 201730
Any ce on I 70 in Kansas or Colorado?
R748 at I-70 - 27th Oct, 201729
Is I70 east still shut down after Concordia mo mm 70ish
R708 at I-65 - 26th Oct, 201728
Accident on I-70/Morris St/Exit 110
R513 at I-70 - 24th Oct, 201727
What is happening at i70 n 68 in maryland. Been sitting since 2 am its now 407 am
R372 at I-70 - 22nd Oct, 201726
Is there a wreck on I 70 heading towards West Virginia
R179 at I-70 - 22nd Oct, 201725
Traffic on 70east near exit 5, is there an accident?
R225 at I-70 - 18th Oct, 201724
Crash on i70 east causes still stop of whole traffic
R381ana kaan u guuxe at I-70 - 17th Oct, 201723
What's happening today
R851 at I-70 - 17th Oct, 201722
Is 70 east in Belmont Co in Ohio open yet
R650 at I-70 - 10th Oct, 201721
Tried to go around but no way except all the way to jefferson
R373 at I-70 - 10th Oct, 201720
Sitting for an hour now
A786 at I-70 - 10th Oct, 201719
Stuck on I 70 standstill. Before Missouri River bridge! Any idea how long the wait will be?
R119 at I-70 - 10th Oct, 201718
Any info on i70east between KC and St Louis?
R237 at I-70 - 10th Oct, 201717
What is the incident on I-70 near columbia mo
R441 at I-70 - 9th Oct, 201716
Eastbound mp 52 on 70 huge slowdown What is happening?
A647 at I-70 - 9th Oct, 201715
What’s going on on interstate 70 near Hancock?
R326 at I-70 - 2nd Oct, 201714
At exit 270 and I 70 closed ahead. Have to get off interstate
A203 at I-70 - 22nd Sep, 201713
Traffic has been stopped for the past 30 mins East bound I70 at mile marker 117
R533 at I-70 - 21st Sep, 201712
Anyone know how many cars are Involved?
R789 at I-70 - 21st Sep, 201711
Are they clearing any of the accident so cars can get through
R114 at I-70 - 21st Sep, 201710
Stand still traffic by Exit 313, going to I 70 E. People have their cars off and all
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