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R277 at I-70 - 4 Days Ago218
Any idea why traffic is stopped on east bound at mm 149 outside zanesville
R225 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago217
What's going on with the American flags today and the motorcycle procession by mile 113?
R580 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago216
Is route from Ogden to Denver clear?
R265 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago215
Can anyone tell me how tge road conditions are from Wichita to Denver along I70? Thanks!
R363 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago214
Is hwy 70 west in Missouri at mm 200 closed
Tessa going east at I-70 - 6 Days Ago213
Is I70 clear of bad weather from Green River, Utah through Denver and further east?
Jennsh at I-70 - 1 Week Ago212
Hello, wanted to know if freeway i70 was closed? My dad is on i80 and says it's closed he is in cheyenne Wyoming and doesn't know what route to take
Charlie at I-70 - 1 Week Ago211
Is I-70 open from KC to Denver?
R885 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago210
Is there an accident west bound from Denver?
R763 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago209
How is I 70 between breckenridge and aspen
Rosa at I-70 - 1 Week Ago208
Would like to know what the road conditions are from aspen to Ogden Utah
plou at I-70 - 1 Week Ago207
I70 west of Topeka. What is the hold up?
R348 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago206
What is the hold up??????
Lori at I-70 - 1 Week Ago205
Is Vail pass closed?
R598 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago204
I'M in Aurora Colorado going to Oklahoma City on I-70 to I-35 heading to Oklahoma City what are the roads like
R598 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago203
I am in Aurora Colorado going to okc on I70 to I35 to Oklahoma City what are the roads like
T at I-70 - 1 Week Ago202
I am in vail needing to head to Colorado Springs it's it open yet or any better
Todriveon at I-70 - 1 Week Ago201
I will be leaving Grand Junction in the morning going thru Denver. Are road conditions going to be ok?
Violet at I-70 - 1 Week Ago200
Whats going on to back traffic up so bad
R670 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago199
Is there a problem at mile marker 199, I-70 east?
Jb at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago198
Total stop on i70 east..before h hwy..why?
R239 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago197
It is at Cloverdale exit a wreck
R654 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago196
Anyone know how many miles this s backed up from the source?
R995 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago195
Any update on standstill on I70 E
R886 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago194
Why is I70 east near Terre haute at a standstill?
Wojo at I-70,IN - 2 Weeks Ago193
Traffic at a standstill I 70 east near terre haute
R127 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago192
Hi, Are there any pet friendly hotels between Salina KS and Denver, CO? Thank you!
R349 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago191
What is happening on 70 @ 68
R268 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago190
Is it safe to proceed east on I-70 from Colby towards Junctuon City? I've gotten several flash flood warnings. Is the interstate flooded?
R237 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago189
Is 70e open to Richmond
R580 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago188
What is going on? We are completely stopped on I 70 west bound trying to get to St Louis.
R722 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago187
How bad is this
R329 at I-70 - 5th May, 2017186
Is I 70 open in Greenville to Pocahontas
R176 at I-70 - 5th May, 2017185
Its i70 west open
SC43 at I-70 - 4th May, 2017184
Can we use I 70 westbound to go through St. Louis.
SC at I-70 - 4th May, 2017183
Is westbound open through St Louis going to CO
hopie at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017182
coming from Kansas City, can I get over the Mississippi
Driver at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017181
What is up with 70 WB between Lawrence and Topeka?
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