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R843 at I-70 - 5 Hours Ago90
i70east bound stopped frim indpls. accident or construction//
R679 at I-70 - Yesterday, 09:51 PM89
I-70 Object on road near me, reported by R679
R194 at I-70 - Yesterday, 07:12 PM88
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R194
A161 at I-70 - Yesterday, 06:32 PM87
What happened
TruckerChuck at I-70 - Yesterday, 06:30 PM86
I-70 @stand-still Eastbound near Casey Illinois, 16 miles from Indiana border.
R940 at I-70 - Yesterday, 06:10 PM85
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R940
R657 at I-70 - Yesterday, 05:40 AM84
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R657
R489 at I-70 - Yesterday, 04:07 AM83
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R489
R848 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago82
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R848
R247 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago81
I-70 Congestion near me, reported by R247
R827 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago80
Dead stop Eastbound Exit 1A in WV
R313 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago79
I-70 Construction near me, reported by R313
R161 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago78
I-70 Congestion near me, reported by R161
R551 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago77
I-70 Accident near me, reported by R551
Crankshaft at I-70 - 3 Days Ago76
How is 70east towards P.A. From Indy.
R717 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago75
Any delays or road construction on 70 going across Kansas
R898 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago74
What happening at exit 203
R927 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago73
Gotta love this weather heading west on 70!
R830 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago72
Is 70 clear from new stanton
R145 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago71
Is 70 reopened in Washington,PA?
R770 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago70
How is 70 between the belle Vernon and dunningsville exit?
R392 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago69
What's going on I-70 in PA near Ohio border
R305 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago68
Yea whats going on by 43?
R515 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago67
Does anyone know the delay between rte43 and bentlyville is about?
R241 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago66
Any idea why 70 west is at a standstill in Maryland?
R683 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago65
Why is I70 closed to exit 154 in Illinois
R233 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago64
Good evening everyone
R590 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago63
Where does I 70 eastbound open up
R465 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago62
Backup at mm 111 eastbound ?
R691 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago61
What is the traffic on 1-70 W at high hill
A051 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago60
I-70 E is still closed around Cloverdale. You may use Route 40 to bypass this section of I-40
R186 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago59
I-70 E between Brazil and Cloverdale - a tractor/trailer crashed and has all Eastbound side blocked...
R567 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago58
Completely stopped traffic on 70 E between Brazil and Cloverdale. Don't know why at the moment.
R888 at I-70 - 1st Aug, 201757
What's wrong we're at mile marker 179
SusieQ at I-70 - 22nd Jul, 201756
Does anyone know what's going on?
R214 at I-70 - 21st Jul, 201755
is the accident cleared up yet
Becky at I-70 - 19th Jul, 201754
Is the construction being done on Sundays ?
R618 at I-70 - 13th Jul, 201753
Good Morning, anybody aware of the traffic approx 20 miles south of breezewood. No vehicles are moving north bound.
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