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Windy at I-65 - 3 Hours Ago282
Heard traffic accident on I 65 this AM. How is traffic now. Heading to IU Med Center.
R872 at I-65 - 21 Hours Ago281
R378: what's up on 65 north? I'm at stand still before decatur exit.
R755 at I-65 - 22 Hours Ago280
What's going on with crash at 15
R161 at I-65 - 23 Hours Ago279
What is the wreck at 15
B at I-65 - 2 Days Ago278
What's the cause of the slow Northbound traffic on I 65
R101 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago277
What's up on I65 S.B. almost to Crothersville?
R664 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago276
Where does the traffic backup start
R664 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago275
R442 it looks clear from North bound viewing
R664 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago274
How backed up Is traffic on 65 North?
R442 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago273
Is I65 South from Nashville clear?
Homeward bound at I-65 - 4 Days Ago272
How is traffic on I 75 S thru Louisville? Where does shut down occur at 8:00pm& how long is the detour?
R221 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago271
Where does the traffic backup end
R498 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago270
How is the traffic up there I am at exit 53
mangomic2000 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago269
I am at I 65 exist 53 and bumper yo bumper. Has it cleared up north?
Julie at I-65 - 5 Days Ago268
On I65 is exit 255 in Merrillville open?
Julie at I-65 - 5 Days Ago267
Is the ramp at 61st street off of I65 open?
R401 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago266
Clears up at 222?
R401 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago265
Car ran off Rd at 220 northbound sherif on scene....
R309 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago264
R442: any accidents up there going north bound?
Nikki at I-65 - 1 Week Ago263
Never mind. Is construction. Ugh
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