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R968 at I-65 - 12 Hours Ago352
What's the hold up now
R968 at I-65 - 12 Hours Ago351
What's the hold ip
Tylikt at I-65 - 18 Hours Ago350
Bad wreck near Portland Tennessee
DaNUT at I-65 - 18 Hours Ago349
What's up with the backup right out of Kentucky and in Tennessee
R155 at I-65 - Yesterday, 09:40 PM348
What's going on 65 headed north in warrior al
SR at I-65 - 4 Days Ago347
How is the traffic around Lafayette heading north to Chicago
Rogue at I-65 - 5 Days Ago346
How is the traffic I-65 north from Munfordville KY to Elizabethtown ky
Rogue at I-65 - 5 Days Ago345
How is traffic northbound 65 from Munfordville KY to Elizabethtown ky
Ss at I-65 - 5 Days Ago344
65 going towards Indy from Henryville, are all lanes open & coming back from Indy as well?
R913 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago343
What's going on ? Why are we crawling
****ed off on 65 sou at I-65,KY - 5 Days Ago342
What Einstein approved this!!!!
R270 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago341
what's going on north 65
MLG at I-65 - 6 Days Ago340
MLG at I-65 - 6 Days Ago339
Need exit numbers for 65 north BP gas stations
R383 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago338
Need assistance near mile marker 235
R189 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago337
what going on wreak?
R234 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago336
What is going on I65 south of Hope Hull
Joe at I-65 Mobile, Alabama Traffic - 1 Week Ago335
R182 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago334
65 is the worst highway in the most boring state. If I lived here I'd kill myself
Jiohn C at I-65,IN - 1 Week Ago333
Interstate 65 going south towards Indianapolis. Traffic backed up for hours seemingly. What the hell is wrong with the state I'm from Illinois and we're supposed to be the worst state. With Indiana is terrible never coming back I swear to God
John C at I-65,IN - 1 Week Ago332
Indiana highway 65 going south traffic going NO where. Unacceptable. Disgraceful
R104 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago331
Near lafeyette. Traffic stopped. Anyone know why
R557 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago330
Something has big back up on 65 south
R604 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago329
What is happening on 65 S just S of Lafayette?
R362 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago328
What does 31 detour look like?
R362 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago327
Are both I65 nortbound lanes still closed?
R134 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago326
Are traffic gettinwg off i-65 because of the wreck
Sn at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago325
There's an overturned tanker Truck at mile marker 237.
R216 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago324
What is going on with I65 near Alabama? Is the northbound and southbound both closed?
R635 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago323
How's 65 looking? Accident cleared?
R297 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago322
Why is 65 closed?
R907 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago321
What's going on?!
R188 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago320
What's the hold up?
Janet I-65 NB at I-65,IN - 2 Weeks Ago319
At exit 220 slowed with accident ahead.
Travelled at I-65,IN - 2 Weeks Ago318
Semi off road around mile marker 166. Drove into median. Traffic at stand still
Demios at I-65,TN - 2 Weeks Ago317
Sitting still on I65 S at mile marker 117.4
blazer at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago316
I will.driving from chicago to bama in July now due to interstate.65/construction is it.better just. To take 57-24 Nashville.etc thanks for info
R172 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago315
Are there any delays NB from 230mm to the toll road
Bubby at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago314
What is going on i65 south around exit 240
R699 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago313
How long is this traffic jam?
R778 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago312
What's going on
R778 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago311
What's the hold up
R493 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago310
We are moving
R493 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago309
What is going on I-65
R493 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago308
Stuck in traffic
Ma at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago307
What's going on I-65 north from birmingham
R478 at I-65 - 6th May, 2017306
What's going on I 65?
R931 at I-65 - 6th May, 2017305
is traffic moving on I65 northbound thru nashville without any delays?
R250 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017304
What seems to be the hold up?
Preacher at I-65 - 5th May, 2017303
Is traffic slow on 65 thru birmingham now.
Preacher at I-65 - 5th May, 2017302
Traveling conditions on 65 thru birmingham
R547 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017301
Traffic on 65 thru birmingham now.
R635 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017300
South of Verbena, AL going north. How long is traffic backed up
R799 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017299
South bound i65 south of Sonora. I haven't moved for an hour. Does anyone know what is going on?
Hp at I-65 - 5th May, 2017298
Why is the traffic stopped on southbound I65 60 miles north of bowling green?
R227 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017297
Stopped I 65 northbound around MM 82. Accident at Mm 88 or 90?
R603 at I-65 - 5th May, 2017296
R499: what is happening up there
R707 at I-65 - 3rd May, 2017295
What are travel conditions like leaving Chicago going to birmingham, AL
R863 at I-65 - 2nd May, 2017294
North bound traffic still stopped. Bear what exit/ mile marker does it start moving?
R157 at I-65 - 1st May, 2017293
R365: Is I-65 north bound traffic still stopped from a wreck. Does it clear up before exit 212 the clanton peach water tower exit?
R740 at I-65 - 1st May, 2017292
What is the traffic stopped for on 65 south near exit 212 ???
R740 at I-65 - 1st May, 2017291
What is the traffic stopped for anybody know ??
R339 at I-65 - 1st May, 2017290
I 65 going to Chicago status north bound anyone?
R207 at I-65 - 30th Apr, 2017289
R927 at I-65 - 30th Apr, 2017288
R927 at I-65 - 30th Apr, 2017287
What s hold up
Brokepony at I-65 - 30th Apr, 2017286
Motor home blew a tire and left road on left. Stopped by tree
R576 at I-65 - 30th Apr, 2017285
What's going on I 65 north
R690 at I-65 - 29th Apr, 2017284
Does anybody know what's going on on 65 south
RPB at I-65 - 27th Apr, 2017283
What happened on I-65 in Louisville, my hubby telling me to go a different way home since south bound has stopped traffic
Windy at I-65 - 27th Apr, 2017282
Heard traffic accident on I 65 this AM. How is traffic now. Heading to IU Med Center.
R872 at I-65 - 26th Apr, 2017281
R378: what's up on 65 north? I'm at stand still before decatur exit.
R755 at I-65 - 26th Apr, 2017280
What's going on with crash at 15
R161 at I-65 - 26th Apr, 2017279
What is the wreck at 15
B at I-65 - 24th Apr, 2017278
What's the cause of the slow Northbound traffic on I 65
R101 at I-65 - 24th Apr, 2017277
What's up on I65 S.B. almost to Crothersville?
R664 at I-65 - 23rd Apr, 2017276
Where does the traffic backup start
R664 at I-65 - 23rd Apr, 2017275
R442 it looks clear from North bound viewing
R664 at I-65 - 23rd Apr, 2017274
How backed up Is traffic on 65 North?
R442 at I-65 - 23rd Apr, 2017273
Is I65 South from Nashville clear?
Homeward bound at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017272
How is traffic on I 75 S thru Louisville? Where does shut down occur at 8:00pm& how long is the detour?
R221 at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017271
Where does the traffic backup end
R498 at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017270
How is the traffic up there I am at exit 53
mangomic2000 at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017269
I am at I 65 exist 53 and bumper yo bumper. Has it cleared up north?
Julie at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017268
On I65 is exit 255 in Merrillville open?
Julie at I-65 - 22nd Apr, 2017267
Is the ramp at 61st street off of I65 open?
R401 at I-65 - 21st Apr, 2017266
Clears up at 222?
R401 at I-65 - 21st Apr, 2017265
Car ran off Rd at 220 northbound sherif on scene....
R309 at I-65 - 21st Apr, 2017264
R442: any accidents up there going north bound?
Nikki at I-65 - 20th Apr, 2017263
Never mind. Is construction. Ugh
Nikki at I-65 - 20th Apr, 2017262
MM 291, construction?
hoss at I-65 - 20th Apr, 2017261
mile marker 104 north. How is traffic
Mollie at I-65 - 17th Apr, 2017260
Traffic near mile marker 179?
Carol at I-65 - 16th Apr, 2017259
Injuries ??? I 65 near Greenville AL
R738 at I-65 - 15th Apr, 2017258
Is there any construction on I-65 between Good Hope, Al and Gardendale, Al today, 4/15/17?
R738 at I-65 - 15th Apr, 2017257
At construction on I-65 between Good Hope, Al exit and Gardendale, Al exit?
R372 at I-65 - 14th Apr, 2017256
Cars are being rerouted...looks like a big car accident
Pat at I-65,AL - 14th Apr, 2017255
Accident mile marker 281 southbound
R938 at I 65 at I-65 - 14th Apr, 2017254
What's going on with stopped traffic in between Thorsby and Verbena?
Luvbeingbald at I-65 - 14th Apr, 2017253
What's the latest on I-65 between Cullman and Birmingham?
Are they still paving?
R506 at I-65 - 14th Apr, 2017252
How is the construction headed up to North Alabama from warrior
R972 at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017251
How bad is it
Strudel at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017250
R237, I imagine you're out of it by now, or nearly. Don't get too excited.... jam in BHam, and sloooow going off/on. We're now at mm 242, and it's getting packed again, speed up, slow down.. grrr
R327 at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017249
Anyone know where this mess on I 65 S Opens back up. We r around mm 286
Belle at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017248
Thank you to the truckers on I 65 who blocked the vehicles in the 2 "lanes closed ahead" lanes trying to pass all the others in the correct lane. We are finally moving again!!!
Strudel at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017247
Crawling... ughhhh.... MM 286
R874 at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017246
Not a thing. A mystery to me. Traffic opened. We're at exit 247. No accident, nothing.
Happy 124 at I-65 - 13th Apr, 2017245
What's going on on I-65 please
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