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R442 at I-65 - 5 Hours Ago405
What's going on on i65 north?
Pca at I-65 - 15 Hours Ago404
Any road closures from Montgomery to ocean springs,ms
R852 at I-65 - Yesterday, 05:30 AM403
What is going on?? Why is the traffic backed up?
R863 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago402
Anyone else behind a cop driving 20-25 in the center blocking both lanes on 65 S?
R881 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago401
What's going on out on 65 south
R540 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago400
Can anyone tell me what mile marker I65 north clears up. I am meeting family tonight and need to call
R162 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago399
Mile marker?
R162 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago398
Just got in it North of Pratvtille. Is a wreck.and of so what Mike maker? Thanks
R354 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago397
What's the deal on I65 N past Prattville? This sucks...
R952 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago396
What's going on? Why is traffic stopped?
A047 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago395
is there a wreck on 65 between BG and Etown
R833 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago394
What's going on and I 65 I'm in bumper-to-bumper close to Rensselaer
R193 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago393
NB i65 newton county. Just south of rest area. Fire on roadside.
R437 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago392
Police search at mm 233 on sb i65. Helicopter, squads, and officers on foot. What's up??
R993 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago391
What's going on on I65 NB toward Bham
R223 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago390
Is I 65 between Montgomery & Birmingham always this slow??
R726 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago389
Exit 247 on I65 is backed up. Is there a wreck?
R726 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago388
Why is i65 at hover al backed up?
R963v at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago387
Currently at exit 205. Possible wreck around exit 220 North bound
Nickie at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago386
How much longer at mm 202. Weve been stuck for almost 2 hours
R104 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago385
Still stuck in traffic on 65 South towards Birmingham. Going to be a long drive back to KY 😰.... Any feedback is welcome 🙏🏼
R315 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago384
Sign says i65 closed at exit 175 but not seeing it on any websites. Anybody know anything?
R320 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago383
Footage just uploaded

R320 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago382
It's actually one of those giant tripods from War of the Worlds I heard
R644 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago381
Been sitting same spot for almost an hour
R644 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago380
Standstill at horse cave
R782 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago379
What happened now on65going to ketucky
moonracker at I-65 - 4th Jun, 2017378
How bad is interstate 65 construction comments. Or is 57-24 better Chicago to Nashville help I'm leaving July 6
R569 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017377
Is Rock The South concert in Culman causing the traffic?
R461 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017376
Is the wreck after exit 213?
R461 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017375
What's up on I65 N toward Calera
R293 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017374
Exit at 219 and then jump back on and you will by pass the wreck
R293 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017373
Yes they are trying to read the exit signs and it's slowing them up
R688 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017372
R293 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017371
Just Alabama drivers
R688 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017370
What's goin on 65n?
R293 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017369
Near exit 219 and traffic is still moving at a snails pace
R297 at I-65 - 3rd Jun, 2017368
What is the slowdown
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