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R622 at I-64 - 2 Days Ago79
What's with this slowdown?
R827 at I-64 - 2 Days Ago78
What is going on i64 west
R361 at I-64 - 5 Days Ago77
Is the wreck on 64E close to being cleare
R386 at I-64 - 5 Days Ago76
How far up is wreck
R311 at I-64 - 5 Days Ago75
Traffic at the High Rise is in a complete stop, both sides. Everyone is being rerouted.
Bingbong at I-64 - 6 Days Ago74
Me in traffic long time
R169 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago73
Traffic is at a complete stop!
R334 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago72
Does anyone know how long interstate 64 id going yo be shut down going southbound.
R351 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago71
Does anyone know why traffic is stopped
R370 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago70
Any one know why traffic is backed up east of Charleston?
R372 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago69
Is 64 westbound still closed?
R357 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago68
Does anyone know if any westbound I64 lanes are open?
Big Cheez at I-64 - 1 Week Ago67
Tractor trailer on its side by nitro exit
R821 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago66
Is traffic bad coming from Louisville on i64 east going to Frankfort?
Rightseatpsgr at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago65
Why so much traffic before the tunnel, is there an accident
R406 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago64
How far is traffic backed up just east of ofallon
R822 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago63
Traffic on I-64 East near 12 miles before Mt Sterling is stopped? Cops lights flashing anybody know why?
Brucebalmighty at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago62
Traffic on I-64 East near My Sterling is stopped?
Matt at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago61
TRAFFIC report I64WB?
Matt at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago60
Whats the problem I64 Westbound near Hurztbourne?
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