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joy at I-59 - 2 Days Ago226
is the road condition for I-59 N toward hattiesburg fine and no road closure?
R913 at I-55 - 3 Days Ago225
Why I'd i55 South closed
R655 at I-57 - 5 Days Ago224
Is there road construction on I57?
A049 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago223
Are there any delays at the I57 and I24 interchange below Marion, Il.?
A042 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago222
what's going on I-55 on way to memphis 85 miles out. traffic stopped
R914 at I-5 - 1 Week Ago221
Anyone know what happen on the grapevine?
R767 at I-5 - 1 Week Ago220
Any news on north bound 5 at grapevine?
R348 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago219
Traffic heavy Northbound I -55 at Chatawa, MS due to accident
R418 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago218
Any update on accident on I 57 south
R113 at I-5 - 2 Weeks Ago217
Looking for peppercorn. Trees driving south on I5
Mike at I-5 - 2 Weeks Ago216
Looking for peppercorn trees on i 5 heading south at rest stops
Mindy at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago215
Traffic stopped 5 miles north of the Chebanse exit on I-57
R847 at I-55 - 5th Jun, 2017214
Traffic heavy near harlem
R902 at I-59 - 4th Jun, 2017213
Anyone know what has traffic at a standstill in the northbound lane close to Livingston?
R353 at I-55 - 3rd Jun, 2017212
hello, anybody home?
R349 at I-55 - 2nd Jun, 2017211
Going north on I-55, within 3 miles of Weber road. Which is the quickest lane right now.
R312 at I-55 - 2nd Jun, 2017210
What is going on at lemont road on i55 now
Lynette at I-55 - 31st May, 2017209
Is 55 open near Divernon
3:13 pm
R218 at I-55 - 31st May, 2017208
Is 55 open near Divernon
3:13 pm
R170 at I-55 - 31st May, 2017207
Is I 55 still close at glenarm?
R918 at I-57 - 29th May, 2017206
Sitting Past exit 135 I 57 n bound farina il. Interstate closed northbound side
Chapina at I-5 - 24th May, 2017205
Whats going on l.5 now
Cos at I-55 - 23rd May, 2017204
How long a drive between Memphis and St. Louis?
Moonraker at I-57 - 23rd May, 2017203
Chicago to Nashville less construction 57/or 65 Indiana is usually horrible I'm going to bama in July give me.some feedback thanks travelers
R301 at I-57 - 21st May, 2017202
Is I57 closed?
R215 at I-57 - 21st May, 2017201
Why is there a closure on i57
R446 at I-59 - 20th May, 2017200
Accident on 59?
R301 at I-57 - 20th May, 2017199
R228: can ubsee what the hold up is?
R301 at I-57 - 20th May, 2017198
What is the road closed/traffic jammed on i57s right now?
R301 at I-57 - 20th May, 2017197
Whats going on
R884 at I-57 - 20th May, 2017196
I-57 should I turn around or keep heading south?
R472 at I-5 - 19th May, 2017195
Why is I-5 slow near the list hills area?
R996 at I-55 - 18th May, 2017194
I55 off Sangamon is at a complete stop
R380 at I-55 - 18th May, 2017193
What happen i55 near Lincoln. Saw car on fire and traffic at a complete stop
Jo at I-55 - 17th May, 2017192
What's happening on I55 south exit 154?
R895 at I-57 - 17th May, 2017191
I was north bound on I 57 south of I 94 to approximately 103rd around 9:30 AM I was rear ended by a Black Toyota Camry with Nebraska License Plates the driver fled riding the shoulder anyone with any information??
R863 at I-55 - 15th May, 2017190
What's holding up traffic on 55 north near Springfield
Jill at I-55 - 14th May, 2017189
Is traffic still backed up on 55 south near festus?
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