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R206 at I-59 - Yesterday, 08:31 AM119
Traffic at standstill for an hour. I-59 close to I-24 interchange. Any ideas what's up?
R327 at I-59 - Yesterday, 08:02 AM118
Traffic at standstill near trenton on north bound 59
Clint at I-57 - 2 Days Ago117
What's going on
R450 at I-57 - 3 Days Ago116
CAN YOU GO THROUGH ON I57s from marion to sikeston ? i have heard that section is closed.
R734 at I-5 - 3 Days Ago115
What's the problem in south Portland or
Wylackie at I-5 - 3 Days Ago114
R202: what's happening on I 5 north bound out of Portland just past exit 11.
R203 at I-55 - 4 Days Ago113
What's going on I55 North bound sound Byron?
Steve at I-57 Marion, Illinois Traffic - 5 Days Ago112
Is there a preferred routing around the congestion south of milepost 53 southbound at marion?
R517 at I-57 - 5 Days Ago111
Anyone know how long it will take to get out of this mess?
R576 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago110
Setting in bumper to bumper traffic . What's going on
R966 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago109
I'm heading southbound on 57 from 111th. Anyone know why traffic is so heavy going north?
R242 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago108
My 83 year old mother is very late to my sisters. She would be getting on 55 at Weber road and getting off at county line road. She drives an older brown van
R243 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago107
I'm almost to the imperial exit on 55s and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic .. crawling.. what is the deal?????? It's only 3pm there was an accident on 55 north but I'm south
R977 at I-5 - 2 Weeks Ago106
What is going on in the NB I-5 I've been sitting in traffic for the past 30 min??
R538 at I-5 - 2 Weeks Ago105
Hi, can we make it to Ashland pulling 30ft
5th wheel
R696 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago104
What is happening in i55
R489 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago103
Whats going on on I57 s
R506 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago102
Why r we not moving?
DanA at I-55,IL - 2 Weeks Ago101
I55 (going toward Bolingbrook) before la grange exit. Two cars involved in accident.
Shu at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago100
What is going on on 57 heading to Chicago.
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