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Mattt6843 at I-40 - 14 Minutes Ago442
Is WB 40 open all the way to new Mexico ND how are the road looking ?
R661 at I-44 - 1 Hour Ago441
Have traffic started moving from mile marker 172 west on 44
R708 at I-44 - 2 Hours Ago440
Whats going on 144 westbound mile marker180
Ellis at I-44 - 2 Hours Ago439
Need to get to Springfield from St Louis on 44. How are flooding conditions?
Kim at I-44,MO - 2 Hours Ago438
There is a car off the road. In the median. West bound I-44. Just before exit 226 in Sullivan, Missouri.
R460 at I-44 - 3 Hours Ago437
Is i44 east going to stay open tonight? What is causing the delay?
Brad at I-40 - 3 Hours Ago436
WB I 40 open approaching Knoxville heavy in spots
Jamie & Brad at I-40 - 3 Hours Ago435
Heavy traffic westbound near Strawberry Plains now
Jerry c at I-40 - 3 Hours Ago434
I 40 west - open ?
R329 at I-40 - 3 Hours Ago433
Heavy traffic westbound near Strawberry Plains now
Blue balls at I-40 - 6 Hours Ago432
Have 2 friends traveling east on i40 near sant Rosa. What are conditions in that area
R265 at I-44 - 8 Hours Ago431
How is I 44 from Springfield to Mt Vernon
pete at I-40 - 8 Hours Ago430
Why is I 40 closed?
Kim at I-44 - 8 Hours Ago429
Is there flooding on 44 from Tulsa to Oklahoma city
R978 at I-40 - 8 Hours Ago428
I40 NM, is west bound or east bound able to move?
Kim at I-44 - 9 Hours Ago427
Can i make it from Joplin Missouri to Oklahoma city on 44 turnpike
Katcv at I-40 - 9 Hours Ago426
Is I40 closed going eastbound out of Albuquerque?
Jen at I-40 - 9 Hours Ago425
Is the 40 closed
**** at I-40 - 9 Hours Ago424
Traffic conditions route 40 e of Albuquerque
Bb at I-40 - 9 Hours Ago423
Is I forty east bound open ,if not when it will be open
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