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R401 at I-40 - 2 Hours Ago826
Moving now at mm187
R949 at I-40 - 2 Hours Ago825
Crawling but moving. Looks like it's opening up
R at I-40 - 2 Hours Ago824
Any updates
R949 at I-40 - 2 Hours Ago823
I 40 mm 184 east bound AR stand still
R401 at I-40 - 2 Hours Ago822
Any updates?
R549 at I-40 - 3 Hours Ago821
R568: do you know what's causing this jam?
R140 at I-40 - 4 Hours Ago820
Everyone has to get of for at Hazen exit
R429 at I-40 - 4 Hours Ago819
Traffic moving yet? At mile 39?
R833 at I-40 - 4 Hours Ago818
R390 at I-40 - 5 Hours Ago817
Traffic is starting to move mile 40.
R561 at I-40 - 6 Hours Ago816
Is it clearing up?
R435 at I-40 - 6 Hours Ago815
Does anyone know what caused the accident
R680 at I-40 - 7 Hours Ago814
R239 at I-40: is that east bound?
R239 at I-40 - 7 Hours Ago813
I'm near mile marker 198 ... truck fire which melted road. Hazmat crew is currently working on it. Was told 15 min ago could me another hour or more.
R464 at I-40 - 7 Hours Ago812
R287: any idea what's happening up there?
Victor at I-40,NM - 8 Hours Ago811
Accident i 40 west mile 35 with jackknife with semi will be slow traffic
R287 at I-40 - 8 Hours Ago810
What is going on???
Cheri Randall at I-40,AR - 8 Hours Ago809
Stopped traffic miles long over 30 mins so Far East bound
Perez09 at I-40 - 19 Hours Ago808
How's the drive in Flagstaff?
R264 at I-4 - Yesterday, 02:50 PM807
What's the cause of the i4 backup near champions gate?
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