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R824 at I-495 - 2 Days Ago726
My kid is on 495 to New Hampshire and says traffic terrible. Is this normal?
R935 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago725
Exit 402 area I40 East in Tennessee- Knoxville. Why is traffic delayed?
R286 at I-495 - 4 Days Ago724
Comuter parking 93 intersect
R445 at I-44 - 1 Week Ago723
Are there construction delays today on I-44 from 270 toward six flags?
R615 at I-495 - 1 Week Ago722
How is traffic on 495 in Fairfax? It was blocked yesterday afternoon
R486 at I-459 - 1 Week Ago721
Is there any delay between Birmingham & Tuscaloosa on 459??
CD at I-49 - 1 Week Ago720
any road construction north of Natchitoches this weekend?
R138 at I-40 - 1 Week Ago719
What's going on
A668 at I-49 - 1 Week Ago718
Looking for a clean restroom/gas station in or before Shreveport?
R205 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago717
Why is traffic stopped near exit #118 on hwy 44 in mo?
A644 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago716
I was wondering if there is a section of I44 in missouri since a part of the road was washed away a couple of months ago.
R653 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago715
Is there a test area East bound for rv. Saw one for trucks only before Springfield
R303 at I-40 - 2 Weeks Ago714
Anyone know why I-40 is shut down in Greensboro NC?
R360 at I-40 - 2 Weeks Ago713
Is this normal wind gusts ? I have high profile RV. Should I wait til tomorrow to continue east on 40 towards Holbrook and Gallup ? Want to keep going...
R589 at I-44 - 5th Jul, 2017712
Never mind - truck accident & his boat flipped left lane closed but not
R589 at I-44 - 5th Jul, 2017711
Know why there's a backup past Doolittle going south?
R592 at I-40 - 5th Jul, 2017710
Any roadblocks out tonight east Tennessee?
R543 at I-40 - 4th Jul, 2017709
Coming from Provo Utah to Atlanta Georgia. How bad is the construction on I 40 E toward Memphis Tennessee?
R548 at I-40 - 3rd Jul, 2017708
Are they doing interstate construction on 40 east bound east of Knoxville?
GOLDEN EMPIRE TOWING at I-40 - 2nd Jul, 2017707
R131 at I-40 - 1st Jul, 2017706
Anyone know why we are stopped?
R517 at I-495 - 1st Jul, 2017705
What's the traffic like on 495 s near wrentham?
R130 at I-40 - 30th Jun, 2017704
R526: what has the road shut down
R459 at I-40 - 28th Jun, 2017703
I40 blocked around exit 260
Whats going on
R389 at I-44 - 27th Jun, 2017702
Car flipped paramedic arrived 20 min movement with traffic...Drive safe!
R567 at I-44 - 26th Jun, 2017701
Multi car accident on I-44 east bound, east of Luther exit, also rollover semi accident on roadside in construction zone. Drive safe!!
R426 at I-40 - 25th Jun, 2017700
Pipe in road caused 2 cars to get flats
R661 at I-40 - 25th Jun, 2017699
Avoid I 40 west near Candler at all costs! Took over 2 hrs to drive 10 miles-ridiculous! Then absolutely no construction going on just 1 lane blocked!
R304 at I-40 - 23rd Jun, 2017698
Be careful on I-40 West near the weigh scales just passed Statesville there's an idiot redneck with a blow it out front tire in the left lane just past the scales just sitting there
A220 at I-49 - 21st Jun, 2017697
Why is I-49 closed
R367 at I-40 - 20th Jun, 2017696
So what's the holdup outside Forrest city
R543 at I-40 - 19th Jun, 2017695
Why is I40 west shut down at the Red River Crossing.
R709 at I-40 - 18th Jun, 2017694
What's going on on the 1-40
R137bob at I-44 - 16th Jun, 2017693
Exit no. For 44w out of St. Louis?
R137bob at I-44 - 16th Jun, 2017692
What is the exit no. West of st.louis to get on 44w
R726 at I-40 - 16th Jun, 2017691
Stay away from I-40 East from exit 285 to 290...idiot crashed near the airport
R676 at I-40 - 15th Jun, 2017690
What's the holdup at 196 on I40 outside of nashville
R872 at I-40 - 15th Jun, 2017689
Us too, been backed up since Remington Rd and we are at Exit 165 now. Don't know if it's construction or wre
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