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R352 at I-40 - 5 Minutes Ago388
What is happening I 40 east just West if Albequerque?
R144 at I-4 - 17 Hours Ago387
Why is traffic back up on 4 west?
Jazz at I-40 - Yesterday, 07:04 AM386
What are the roads like around Morrisville NC
India at I-40 - Yesterday, 05:02 PM385
What's the weather i40 west looking like now
**** at I-40 - Yesterday, 12:18 PM384
What is the road conditions on i40 between Asheville NC and Tennessee?
R603 at I-4 - 2 Days Ago383
If your in a rush to work or anywhere don't get on i-4 it slow
R603 at I-4 - 2 Days Ago382
Very slow and backed up this morning....12 minutes delays ppl driving crazy.
Ali at I-40 - 2 Days Ago381
Traffic moving one lane(left) open
Ali at I-40 - 2 Days Ago380
Is it starting to clear up by the tunnel yet
Dee at I-40 - 2 Days Ago379
Any clearing yet near tunnel? And what's happening to keep traffic stopped
Bree at I-40 - 2 Days Ago378
What's happening on I-40 just west of Little Rock. (East bound?)
R963 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago377
Does anyone know what's holding up traffic on I 40 west just past ****son tn
R547 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago376
Still no movement here.
R331 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago375
What is happening around mile marker 17 on i40 in NC
Fred Stow at I-40,NC - 2 Days Ago374
I40 west truck overturn westbound just before TN line near tunnels
R344 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago373
Anyone know what the conditions are near exit 7 in NC
R154 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago372
Where are we merging. Right or left from the mile marker 144 and 155 accident?
R950 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago371
Anyone know what's going on I-40 east bound? Mile marker 51 down...
Singh at I-40,OK - 3 Days Ago370
Traffic been stopped from hour i40east oklahoma from mile marker 54 incident
Momeuf2 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago369
Anyone know how weather is going from knoxville to bristol
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