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I40 no mo at I-40 - 23 Hours Ago804
Anybody out there
No at I-40 - 23 Hours Ago803
What is happening at ozark
R517 at I-40 - 23 Hours Ago802
R779 at I-40 - Yesterday, 03:38 PM801
What is the hold up near little Rock west bound
R563 at I-40 - Yesterday, 03:33 PM800
What's up with I40 near fort smith?
R697 at I-476 - Yesterday, 12:18 AM799
Traffic is stopped on 476 North. Anyone know what happened?
Frustrated at I-40 - Yesterday, 09:13 PM798
Any idea why I40 is not moving?
joe at I-40 - Yesterday, 09:04 PM797
I40 stopped now for two hours.
R799 at I-495 - 2 Days Ago796
Right at exit 18
R799 at I-495 - 2 Days Ago795
There is a car in the wood that the on ramp in Bellingham 126
R855 at I-495 - 2 Days Ago794
R711: am I seeing this correct? You are at a dead STOP in crash traffic?
Ed ~ at I-40 - 4 Days Ago793
I-40 Williams to Kingman conditions tomorrow...your best guess...thanks
R528 at I-4 - 5 Days Ago792
Whats going in i4 west
R872 at I-495 - 6 Days Ago791
What's going on ? Why so much traffic?going to Marlborough 🤔
R349 at I-4 - 6 Days Ago790
Just getting off 417. Trying to get on I4 when does traffic let up?
R294 at I-495 - 6 Days Ago789
Is the tie up an accident or roadwork?
R192 at I-495 - 1 Week Ago788
What's with the traffic?
Trucker at I-44,MO - 1 Week Ago787
I-44 west closed at mm 88. Semi vs car crash has all lanes closed.
JellyB at I-495 - 1 Week Ago786
If any1 can actually see this ROAD CON MA TO NH / ME ROADS ARE PRETTY GOOD watch out for typical black ice hidden spots esp side roads once off hwy Hope this helps some u out #peace
JellyB at I-495 - 1 Week Ago785
Hello ppl. Any INFO RE CURRENT ROAD CONDITIONS NH to MA I-495 Southbound ? heading towards I-290 (Palmer) thx so much
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