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R766 at I-45 - Yesterday, 08:39 PM124
What happened out here
R947 at I-45 - Yesterday, 08:38 PM123
Backed up past ferris heading south
R144 at I-40 - Yesterday, 08:29 PM122
Where does this clear up
R935 at I-40 - Yesterday, 08:18 PM121
Any updates on i40 going into little rock from Memphis? Is there still over an hour delay?
R924 at I-40 - Yesterday, 08:12 PM120
Is I40 going west is still close
R101 at I-40 - Yesterday, 07:04 PM119
Was there an accident
R486 at I-40 - Yesterday, 07:00 PM118
Whats going on on i40 in ar
D360 at I-40 - Yesterday, 06:27 PM117
This is bad
What's is the hold u at I-40 - Yesterday, 06:25 PM116
R432 at I-43 - 2 Days Ago115
What is going on between Manitowoc and Sheboygan in Manitowoc County and I 43
D261 at I-495 - 2 Days Ago114
Traffic 495 from exit 70 to 53
D149 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago113
How is the fog from Forrest city to Little Rock
D078 at I-40 - 4 Days Ago112
Accident cleared
D078 at I-40 - 4 Days Ago111
Any updates on clearing 1-40 eastbound near exit 7
R289 at I-40 - 4 Days Ago110
Any updates on clearing accident eastbound close to nc line?
R688 at I-4 - 5 Days Ago109
:what is the issue with traffic from Maitland to downtown orlando on i4 w?
R839 at I-40 - 1 Week Ago108
18 wheeler accident past hwy 13.
R576 at I-40 - 1 Week Ago107
What is going on at I 40 going to Memphis?
C895 at I-4 - 1 Week Ago106
Is there an accident on I-4 near kissimmee
R347 at I-40 - 1 Week Ago105
Whats happening here on the 40 please?
Jen at I-43 - 2 Weeks Ago104
C682: Do you Know what's going on on I43 southbound?
C472 at I-40 - 2 Weeks Ago103
If you’re at Roland there’s a semi across the interstate and the next exit is completely blocked by it.
C470 at I-40 - 2 Weeks Ago102
What’s happening? R213
R483 at I-40 - 30th Oct, 2017101
Trafic stopped I40W east of alburquerque 30 minutes
R838 at I-495 - 28th Oct, 2017100
On I495 inner loop, between exit 29 and 28, saw a person on the right shoulder. There is no car there. Please watch out.
R589 at I-44 - 22nd Oct, 201799
Is there an accident westbound I 44 west of Tulsa?
R735 at I-40 - 19th Oct, 201798
How's I-40 westbound from West Memphis to LR around the St. Francis River?
B409 at I-40 - 19th Oct, 201797
Traffic is stopped and has been for over 30 minutes entered construction zone then traffic stopped don't know if it's because of construction or a wreck maybe both in East bound on I-40 between mile markers23 and 35
B350 at I-40 - 17th Oct, 201796
WHy is the traffic backed up and stopped on I-40 heading towards flagstaff
R695 at I-40 - 17th Oct, 201795
Hey guys I'm new here I need info for my math mod project how many cars do you see on the road rn?
B316 at I-43 - 16th Oct, 201794
Accident near I43 on ramp. Near exit 157 fpr Francis Creek. Involved semi on its side across ramp.
R733 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201793
Is there an eta when the 40 will open
Cece at I-495 NY - 16th Oct, 201792
495 east nobody moving. 40mins struck now
R484 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201791
Is there any way to get around it?
R745 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201790
Wow that's sad. How much long you guys thinking...
R737 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201789
It's closed for a fatality in the road, 4 wheeler sitting up right in the middle and a few semis pulled to the side. Man might have gotten hit by a truck it appears.
R204 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201788
Any new updates??
R113 at I-40 - 16th Oct, 201787
Why are we sitting here in... is there not any other place for us to go
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