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Chat Room for I-30

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R430 at I-30 - 5 Hours Ago15
I-30 Accident near me, reported by R430. Accident is close to I-30 AR Exit 7, near Texarkana, about 0.42 mi to the exit
R619 at I-30 - 6 Hours Ago14
Someone dead?
R270 at I-30 - 6 Hours Ago13
I-30 Congestion near me, reported by R270
R284 at I-30 - 8 Hours Ago12
Wusup on 30. Dead stop over a hr
R931 at I-30 - 8 Hours Ago11
I-30 Accident near me, reported by R931
R923 at I-30 - 4 Days Ago10
What is slowing eastbound traffic between mt pleasant and texarkana
R923 at I-30 - 4 Days Ago9
What is sl7wing rastbound eastbound traffic between mt pleasant and texarkana
R938 at I-30 - 1 Week Ago8
What's slowing eastbound traffic between Traskwood and Benton on I30?
R780 at I-30 - 1 Week Ago7
Exit 134 traffic stand still
A879 at I-30 - 24th Jul, 20176
I was rear ended on July 1st a semi hit my Mini cooper going approx. 6 miles on this section of I-30.
not Good.
pbf at I-30 - 17th Jul, 20175
what is happening on I-30 west around Rockwall?
R457 at I-30 - 1st Jun, 20174
Why are we at a complete stop on I 30 right before Fulton?
R508 at I-30 - 31st May, 20173
On I 30 heading to Texarkana. Do we need to get off at hope to avoid delays in travel
R713 at I-30 - 20th May, 20172
A woman got out of her vehicle near exit 127 and walked out into oncoming traffic so I 30 will probably be closed there or stopped for awhile.
Roadnow Chat for I-30 - 10th Dec, 20131
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