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Zoltan at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago48
My wife lost her pink sparkle case with our sons picture on it. Exit 63.5 I26 westbound. We are headed back that way on Sunday Nov 6th hope that it is in lost and found.
R873 at I-26 - 22nd Oct, 201747
Westbound i26 at Prosperity?? What is up with traffic?
A597 at I-26 - 8th Oct, 201746
Anyone know what happened on I26 near Columbia, SC?
R690 at I-26 - 1st Oct, 201745
My husband is trying to get home, and has had to take a detour off of I26. People are getting upset, and traffic is backed up and crawling. Anyone know what is happening? Thank you
A201 at I-26 - 1st Oct, 201744
My daughter is traveling to Charleston on I26 and has had to detour. She is in awful traffic. Can someone please tell me what the delay is?
R299 at I-26 - 1st Oct, 201743
Anyone know of any closure on rt 26 by i77?
E127 at I-95 - 14th Sep, 201742
R321, the traffic near exit 87 is not too bad, with minor congestion about 1 mile stretch coming from I-26 flow
E127 at I-95 - 14th Sep, 201741
Mark, the traffic is very good as of now near I-26 intersection at exit 86
D897 at I-95 - 13th Sep, 201740
R618, there are some congestion areas between I-26 and I-16 on I-95 S, after Savannah, it is all smooth riding to Saint Augustine Fl
D897 at I-95 - 13th Sep, 201739
R558, I-77 traffic is good, I-26 and I-95 heavy traffic
D897 at I-95 - 13th Sep, 201738
Ken, traffic from I-26 to I-16 on I-95 S is heavy, after Savannah, it is all smooth sailing to central fl
D897 at I-95 - 13th Sep, 201737
D986, there are congested areas on I-26 E and I-95 S, but not too bad
D897 at I-95 - 13th Sep, 201736
R936, there are congested areas on I-26 E and I-95 S, but not too bad
D897 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201735
R173, I was told that most Shell gas stations have gas, but not 100% sure
R173 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201734
How is the gas situation near Port Wentworth, GA on I-95.
R501 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201733
D897 thanks
D897 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201732
R492, traffic is heavy from Columbia to North Charleston before I-95. There are 3 accidents before I-95. After I-95, it is smooth
R492 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201731
Traffic update I26 Columbia to North Charleston
D897 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201730
R801, there is traffic congestion coming into Columbia from I-26 E. I-26 E out of Columbia is very good
R801 at I-26 - 13th Sep, 201729
What are the I 26 east traffic conditions in Columbia SC ?
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201728
D847 reported that Most shells have gas
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201727
R194, thanks for the info, large volume of cars are trying to get to I-95S which has an accident near the entrance
R194 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201726
Mile 38 166 past Sandy hill I-26 east very slow at 8:20. Bumper to bumper Ave 25 mph
D547 at I-77 - 12th Sep, 201725
john, the traffic from charlotte to I-26 is good, but I-26 E is bad b/c people are heading back to FL
john at I-77 - 12th Sep, 201724
how is traffic on I-77 from charlotte to I-26
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201723
R536, yes, the congestion is caused by the traffic getting to I-95, after you pass I-95, the traffic is smooth to Charleston
R536 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201722
Is there congestion from Orangeburg to Charleston on I26?
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201721
R483, yes, I-26 is open to I-95 but with heavy traffic
R483 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201720
Is I26 open heading to I95 and is there gas
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201719
R507, I-26 E is open in Charleston downtown
R507 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201718
How are the roads coming into Charleston. Our daughter and some College of Charleston students are heading back that way tomorrow, and will be coming off of 1-26.
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201717
R816, accident between exit 104 and exit 106A
R816 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201716
Why is the traffic slow at MM98
R481 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201715
How is traffic on I20 East to I26 East ?
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201714
D613, multiple car accidents between exit 126 and exit 129, I-26 E is closed in that area as of now
D613 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201713
Way going on at exit 121 off of 26E?
D547 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201712
R430, from google map, I-26 is open in Charleston downtown
R430 at I-26 - 12th Sep, 201711
Traveling east back into Charleston from GA. Is the downtown passable? Are flood waters receding?
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