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R433 at I-24 - 6 Days Ago68
What is delay on 24 . How long and what is nect exit
R475 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago67
Any backups on I 24 East from Nashville to Chattanooga?
R475 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago66
What is the traffic like headed Interstate East on 24 from Murfreesboro to Chattanooga TN?
R962 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago65
I24 exit 42, Elizabethtown traffic us at a standstill. Avoid I24.
R963 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago64
Traffic stalled on I-24 between Vienna & Metropolis.
STACEY at I-24 - 10th Jun, 201763
So do we know what the traffic is like on I24 Manchester TN?
billy idol at I-24 - 5th Jun, 201762
Interstate 24-paducah to Nashville is it a good road or is it in bad condition help
R489 at I-24 - 3rd Jun, 201761
On June 3 ,2017 what happing on I24 west
R546 at I-24 - 24th May, 201760
Traveling east on I24 from Nashville and looking for an outlet mall CLOSE to interstate. Any one know where one may be?
Nick at I-24 - 20th May, 201759
Looks like a wreck mike marker 88
Chip at I-24 - 20th May, 201758
whats going on? At a complete stop
John at I-24 - 18th May, 201757
I 24 is at a stop at mm 37 east bound
R621 at I-24 - 12th May, 201756
I-24 east what is causing this slow down?
R813 at I-64 - 5th May, 201755
Are roads open I-64 to I-57 to I-24 Fort CAMPBELL?
R576 at I-57 - 4th May, 201754
What's causing traffic slowdown north of I-24?
R419 at I-24 - 4th May, 201753
Is the interstate open from Marion Illinois to Paducah?
R974 at I-24 - 27th Apr, 201752
1-24 slow at grand rivers..whats going on?
Law16 at I-24 - 27th Apr, 201751
I24 eastbound standstill at mm 31... update or info as to cause?
R206 at I-59 - 24th Apr, 201750
Traffic at standstill for an hour. I-59 close to I-24 interchange. Any ideas what's up?
R205 at I-24 - 22nd Apr, 201749
What mile marker does it clear up
R354 at I-24 - 20th Apr, 201748
What's up i24 east bound by New Hope exit
Dani at I-24 - 18th Apr, 201747
Traffic is at a standstill on I-24 Westbound. Near exit 178 Anyone know what is going on?
R717 at I-24 - 17th Apr, 201746
Stand still
R701 at I-24 - 16th Apr, 201745
Can Anybody help me .i wanna know what's the speed near jasper downgrade on I 24 40mph or 45 mph
R160 at I-24 - 14th Apr, 201744
Are there any wrecks I 24 involving Infiniti m35? Can't find my son
R134 at I-24 - 13th Apr, 201743
So what's up 124 west of Clarksville
R302 at I-24 - 12th Apr, 201742
I see at least 4 wrecks eastbound anybody out there
R302 at I-24 - 12th Apr, 201741
So what does I-24 E comming into nashville look like
Sam at I-24 - 12th Apr, 201740
I'm at mm 30 and barely moving! I24 E
R311 at I-24 - 11th Apr, 201739
Can anyone tell me what's going on? I'm on standstill right outside exit 19!!
R715 at I-24 - 11th Apr, 201738
Stuck on 124 two miles out metropolis anyone knows what's happening
Nancy at I-24 - 11th Apr, 201737
How is the traffic
R740 at I-24 - 10th Apr, 201736
Backed up at rest stop outside of clarksville, what's up ahead?
R955 at I-24 - 9th Apr, 201735
What happened at exit 37
R860 at I-24 - 6th Apr, 201734
What is exit 64
R326 at I-24 - 5th Apr, 201733
ARe any of the lanes closed past exit 31 heading west
Blossum at I-24 - 2nd Apr, 201732
Sad to see family sitting on side of bridge after they or someone else lost u haul trailer on bridge. Only 10 minute delay with that but road construction delayed us further up the highway. Left lane closed after exit 31.
R961 at I-24 - 1st Apr, 201731
What's up on 24
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