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R554 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago199
what's stopping traffic on I20 Eastbound, Alabama?
Tontp at I-20 - 2 Days Ago198
what's stopping traffic on I20 Eastbound, Alabama?
R389 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago197
I20 east traffic at a stand still
R199 at I-20 - 4 Days Ago196
How is traffic outside Augusta?
R974 at I-20 - 4 Days Ago195
What's going on here about 70 miles outside Atl on I-20W
R403 at I-20 - 4 Days Ago194
R837: is traffic at a stand still and is there a wreck on the hway
R653 at I-20 - 5 Days Ago193
Will I-20 have shut downs on Sunday going to atlanta from augusta?
R602 at I-20 - 5 Days Ago192
How is traffic between Augusta and athens?
R125 at I-20 - 6 Days Ago191
What is the accident on I20 eastbound
R899 at I-20 - 6 Days Ago190
R135: is there an accident on 120 westbound near Lithonia or usual slow moving traffic?
R165 at I-20 - 6 Days Ago189
20 miles from Odessa stopped 2 hrs for "incident" what is up!
R252 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago188
R837: how long till you get out of this after exit 15
R872 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago187
R837: how far are we stopped going into Vicksburg is there an accident
R837 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago186
truck overturned. best to reroute
R334 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago185
Traffic has stall on I-20, is there an accident
R504 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago184
I'm wondering too. Sitting at a stand still
R231 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago183
What the incident on I-20west bound.
R788 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago182
What lane is closed
R257 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago181
What is traffic like on I-20 eastbound to tyler tx right now
Jept at I-20 - 1 Week Ago180
What is traffic on I 20 east bound van Zandt or Smith county Texas hold up?
Frank at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago179
What Happened on I-20 going Augusta
R498 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago178
What has slowed traffic on I-20 east hall county
Henry at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago177
Is I20 open for 2 lane traffic between Madison and Augusta?
Henry at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago176
Is I20 open between Madison and Augusta?
RT W at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago175
Traveling from Jackson Ms to Dallas. Any detours or construction on I-20 W along that route today or tomorrow?
LT at I-20,GA - 2 Weeks Ago174
Wreck near Mabelton heading west. Complete standstill. Been sitting for 45 minutes.
R446 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago173
Sitting in traffic on 1 20 near exit 120 for an half hour
R676 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago172
Stuck on I 20 for over an hour
Crock at I-20 - 7th May, 2017171
Was there a fatality today on i-20 near Sparta and Madison,Ga.?
R690 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017170
Is this still from the previous wreck
A harrison at I-20 - 7th May, 2017169
Which exit is the wreck?
R210 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017168
My kids gotta pee. Been waiting for 2 hours.
R510 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017167
I hope that no one was hurt, but this SUCKS!
R753 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017166
multiple car accident...all lanes closed
R107 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017165
Anyone know what's the holdup?
R151 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017164
Almost home and the wreck would be at my exit...Just the luck....
R151 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017163
R510 at I-20 - 7th May, 2017162
For the Love of GOD! This is ridiculous!
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