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toobsassie at I-20 - 2 Days Ago67
STILL no restrooms other than temporary tiolets at the I-20 west bound in Louisiana (just across the miss/LA state line). This was the same when we came through on 7/5/17. What is the problem!!!!
R348 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago66
what is the best small town to live in along I20
R605 at I-20 - 4 Days Ago65
Is traffic at north Augusta backed up
R780 at I-20 - 4 Days Ago64
I20 east bound right lane closed for several miles
R900 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago63
I want to know if anyone has been in traffic every morning from Warrenton to Augusta on I-20, please answer?
R407 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago62
I--20 dead stop
R323 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago61
Is there construction or delays on I-20 between warren county and Augusta eastbound right now
R354 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago60
Where does Dallas County start on I 20
Dianne at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago59
Is there a slowdown anywhere between Thomson and Washington road I-20 east?
R778 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago58
Any traffic on 20 west near augusta
R457 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago57
Are there any detours or closing from South Carolina to Bham Al
R296 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago56
Yes rd work I-20 sc to ga in north augusta
R888 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago55
Wondering if any road work on I 20 SC going to GA
R539 at I-20 - 25th Jul, 201754
There is a wreck on I 20. We have not moved for 45 minutes.
R629 at I-20 - 25th Jul, 201753
We are on i20wesr in Alabama 3 miles from exit 40 and we have been stopped for 15 mins. Has there been a wreck and is there an estimated time for delay.
R267 at I-20 - 20th Jul, 201752
Please tell me if there is any I20 construction between Mesquite and Longview. Thanks.
Meka at I-20 - 14th Jul, 201751
Where is the construction on i-20
R597 at I-20 - 8th Jul, 201750
What happened on i20 East ???
A554 at I-20 - 8th Jul, 201749
hi i am i 20 east car not moving
R499 at I-20 - 7th Jul, 201748
R242 at I-20 - 5th Jul, 201747
I'm leaving Atlanta Georgia going to Hampton Virginia I'll be traveling via Highway I-20 and I-95 North how many **** 76 gas stations are there along that route I have a 76 gas card and have to pay attic Lee stop and put gas in my car I need to know where the gas stations are 76 Phillips or Conoco
A250 at I-20 - 22nd Jun, 201746
Heading to Atlanta Saturday. Anyone know how traffic flow is likely to be affected? Obviously busy, but I was told construction may be a major obstacle.
R437 at I-20 - 22nd Jun, 201745
Hi, I'm at exit 165 westbound and need help with a flat tire. Can anybody tell me if there is a roadside assistance available nearby ?
Tree at I-20 - 20th Jun, 201744
Does anyone know if the road is open in the morning
R270 at I-20 - 20th Jun, 201743
Is i 20 east closed at all
R100 at I-20 - 15th Jun, 201742
Have been shut down to dead stop on I-20 Tuscaloosa, what's going on?? When will we get to move?
R423 at I-20 - 15th Jun, 201741
Any one know the conditions on i 20 near tusgaluga
R260 at I-20 - 13th Jun, 201740
Can anyone tell me the road conditions in I-20 between Atlanta and Lithonia? Google maps show continuous red.
R741 at I-20 - 10th Jun, 201739
5 car pile up with life threatening injuries
R116 at I-20 - 9th Jun, 201738
Wtf man
R116 at I-20 - 9th Jun, 201737
Anyone o i20EB to Augusta ga?
Sprinter2017 at I-20 - 9th Jun, 201736
Wyd this should be done at night
R556 at I-20 - 3rd Jun, 201735
I 20 east at An stand still what's going on omg
R989 at I-20 - 1st Jun, 201734
Traffic at a standstill on i20 east near Livingston Alabama
R957 at I-20 - 29th May, 201733
What is going on? Have been sitting in this for an eternity.
R554 at I-20 - 23rd May, 201732
what's stopping traffic on I20 Eastbound, Alabama?
Tontp at I-20 - 23rd May, 201731
what's stopping traffic on I20 Eastbound, Alabama?
R389 at I-20 - 23rd May, 201730
I20 east traffic at a stand still
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