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asian boy at I-20 - 30 Minutes Ago74
great news. everybody is moving and exit 604 is open. LETS GOOOOO. time for buc-ees!!!
asian boy at I-20 - 1 Hour Ago73
sup bros
R191 at I-20 - 1 Hour Ago72
updates anyone?
R296 at I-20 - 1 Hour Ago71
According to Longview officials, DPS, Harrison County, and Longview SWAT teams are at the scene.

They ask drivers to stay clear of the area.

Longview officials tell KLTV that an individual is barricaded inside a vehicle.
R815 at I-20 - 2 Hours Ago70
What is going on on I20 by Longview?
R929 at I-20 - 2 Hours Ago69
I-20 Congestion near me, reported by R929. Congestion is close to I-20 GA Exit 46b a, near Atlanta, about 28.44 mi to the exit
R217 at I-20 - 3 Hours Ago68
I20 east and west near longview at a complete stop
toobsassie at I-20 - 3 Days Ago67
STILL no restrooms other than temporary tiolets at the I-20 west bound in Louisiana (just across the miss/LA state line). This was the same when we came through on 7/5/17. What is the problem!!!!
R348 at I-20 - 5 Days Ago66
what is the best small town to live in along I20
R605 at I-20 - 5 Days Ago65
Is traffic at north Augusta backed up
R780 at I-20 - 6 Days Ago64
I20 east bound right lane closed for several miles
R900 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago63
I want to know if anyone has been in traffic every morning from Warrenton to Augusta on I-20, please answer?
R407 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago62
I--20 dead stop
R323 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago61
Is there construction or delays on I-20 between warren county and Augusta eastbound right now
R354 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago60
Where does Dallas County start on I 20
Dianne at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago59
Is there a slowdown anywhere between Thomson and Washington road I-20 east?
R778 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago58
Any traffic on 20 west near augusta
R457 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago57
Are there any detours or closing from South Carolina to Bham Al
R296 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago56
Yes rd work I-20 sc to ga in north augusta
R888 at I-20 - 2 Weeks Ago55
Wondering if any road work on I 20 SC going to GA
R539 at I-20 - 25th Jul, 201754
There is a wreck on I 20. We have not moved for 45 minutes.
R629 at I-20 - 25th Jul, 201753
We are on i20wesr in Alabama 3 miles from exit 40 and we have been stopped for 15 mins. Has there been a wreck and is there an estimated time for delay.
R267 at I-20 - 20th Jul, 201752
Please tell me if there is any I20 construction between Mesquite and Longview. Thanks.
Meka at I-20 - 14th Jul, 201751
Where is the construction on i-20
R597 at I-20 - 8th Jul, 201750
What happened on i20 East ???
A554 at I-20 - 8th Jul, 201749
hi i am i 20 east car not moving
R499 at I-20 - 7th Jul, 201748
R242 at I-20 - 5th Jul, 201747
I'm leaving Atlanta Georgia going to Hampton Virginia I'll be traveling via Highway I-20 and I-95 North how many **** 76 gas stations are there along that route I have a 76 gas card and have to pay attic Lee stop and put gas in my car I need to know where the gas stations are 76 Phillips or Conoco
A250 at I-20 - 22nd Jun, 201746
Heading to Atlanta Saturday. Anyone know how traffic flow is likely to be affected? Obviously busy, but I was told construction may be a major obstacle.
R437 at I-20 - 22nd Jun, 201745
Hi, I'm at exit 165 westbound and need help with a flat tire. Can anybody tell me if there is a roadside assistance available nearby ?
Tree at I-20 - 20th Jun, 201744
Does anyone know if the road is open in the morning
R270 at I-20 - 20th Jun, 201743
Is i 20 east closed at all
R100 at I-20 - 15th Jun, 201742
Have been shut down to dead stop on I-20 Tuscaloosa, what's going on?? When will we get to move?
R423 at I-20 - 15th Jun, 201741
Any one know the conditions on i 20 near tusgaluga
R260 at I-20 - 13th Jun, 201740
Can anyone tell me the road conditions in I-20 between Atlanta and Lithonia? Google maps show continuous red.
R741 at I-20 - 10th Jun, 201739
5 car pile up with life threatening injuries
R116 at I-20 - 9th Jun, 201738
Wtf man
R116 at I-20 - 9th Jun, 201737
Anyone o i20EB to Augusta ga?
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