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Mel Mel at I-12 - 8th May, 201717
Is there any accidents on I-12?
Kk at I-12 - 27th Apr, 201716
What's going on on I-12?? Phone says Traffic Incident?
Pookey at I-12 - 23rd Apr, 201715
What's going on on I-12 near Hammond east bound
R189 at I-12 - 6th Apr, 201714
What's happening with traffic westbound on 12
R730 at I-12 - 18th Mar, 201713
What's going on in Albany area
R430 at I-12 - 18th Mar, 201712
What is going on on I 12 near Albany, LA
R993 at I-12 - 11th Mar, 201711
Bad accident past Satsuma near Livingston on I-12 East?
Elissa at I-12 - 10th Mar, 201710
At Pinnacle Parkway and the traffic is still bad
Elissa at I-12 - 10th Mar, 20179
A friend of mine said the traffic should clear up at the first Covington exit
Elissa at I-12 - 10th Mar, 20178
Goodbee Madisonville exit still backed up
Elissa at I-12 - 10th Mar, 20177
Where is the car accident located on I-12 East
Elissa at I-12 - 10th Mar, 20176
I'm past Robert how far ahead is the traffic jam?
Cheeseneck at I-12 - 8th Mar, 20175
At what mile marker does the traffic open up heading west
R842 at I-12 - 6th Mar, 20174
WhAt is going on .... I 12 east bound backed up
Tp at I-12,LA - 15th Feb, 20173
Something happened traffic stopped right before airport rd. West bound😢
R378 at I-93 - 8th Feb, 20172
I-93 south to I-128 still icy?
Roadnow Chat for I-12 - 10th Dec, 20131
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