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R316 at I-10 - 20 Hours Ago124
Where is the current accident onto East bound I-10
R185 at I-10 - Yesterday, 07:21 PM123
I'm looking for my wife she would travel on i 10 from scottsdale to casa grande but haven't hear from her
Kacey at I-10,TX - Yesterday, 05:09 PM122
Burning vehicle on I-10 east near the brazos river
I -10 closed louisia - 2 Days Ago121
Lafayette Police�is�currently clearing the scene of an accident on I-10 between Scott exit 97 and exit 100 in Lafayette.
Eastbound traffic diverted. Police are unsure of how long the closure may be in effect.�
I-10 eastbound - 2 Days Ago120
Why is I -10 eastbound closed through Louisiana?
R358 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago119
What's going on westbound i10 leaving Baton Rouge?
R357 at I-10 - 3 Days Ago118
What is going on by mm 150 i10w
R894 at I-10 - 3 Days Ago117
What's good and fast off laf exist
R783 at I-10 - 3 Days Ago116
Anyone know how far west traffic is slowed way down?
R875 at I-10 - 4 Days Ago115
What's up with the I10 traffic near Rayne
R739 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago114
Whats the deal with traffic ? Whats the reason for it ?
R892 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago113
Why is traffic so backed up on West bound I 10 out of Palm Springs
R947 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago112
Traffic west bound before bridge on I-10
R360 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago111
What's happening near Egan?
R619 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago110
i want to know about traffic in indio due to festival and traveling there tomorrrow from riverside
R833 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago109
What's up with chiriaco summit
R315 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago108
What is going on I 10
Chris at I-10,LA - 2 Weeks Ago107
I-10 west is backed up by Michoud exit
R575 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago106
I-10 west goes to 1 lane in Vidor.
R247 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago105
Just passed a sign that said ROAD WORK!!!!
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