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R447 at I-10 - Yesterday, 11:48 PM175
I heard there was a tornado in sealy tx is i 10 still open and flowing ok
R317 at I-10 - Yesterday, 01:23 PM174
What's happening up there? Traffic stopped dead and can't see what happened.
R338 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago173
I-10 E at Exit 232. Traffic stopped dead, think it's a semi involved. Plumes of black smoke.
R170 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago172
East bound accident. Saw 9 police cars.
Van and gray car off road. Car inwoods
Badly damaged.
R170 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago171
Anyone know the reason for the back up on I 10 around Milton?
R561 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago170
What is the cause of the delay on I10 at mile 33
R291 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago169
JC at I-10 - 2 Days Ago168
Is there road construction on I-10 eastbound from Indio to Quartsite?
Moosetracks at I-10 - 4 Days Ago167
How is traffic today (5/20) on I 10 heading west from Baton Rouge to Lafayette ?
R774 at I-10 - 4 Days Ago166
Anyone know what has us at a complete stop today 5:20/17
R954 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago165
Indio to Blythe
R260 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago164
Does anybody know what is going on on the I10 south of Indio?
Stuck on I-10 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago163
Any update on traffic? We r sitting
R466 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago162
Truck hanging off a bridge on fire. When they put the fire put they will open 1 lane
R750 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago161
Do we know what mile marker it breaks up?
R466 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago160
R820 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago159
Any answers re i10 stopping?!
R820 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago158
Y the slowdown?!
R325 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago157
Does anyone know what the hold up is
R734 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago156
Does anyone know why traffic is totally stopped on 1-10 Eastbound outside Indio to Blythe?
lydia at I-10 - 5 Days Ago155
going to New Orleans from Houston.
Greg at I-10,AZ - 1 Week Ago154
Colossal cave overpass closed at exit 279.
R792 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago153
How's traffic right now?
R333 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago152
R333 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago151
what is the hold up on I10 east before Defuniak
R663 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago150
Why is traffic crawling going east off bayway on i-10
R672 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago149
What is the hold up right now around Orange, TX?
Gail at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago148
Traffic on i-10 eastbound texas
Mich at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago147
How long will i10 eastbound be closed from mobile to fl
R804 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago146
Is i-10 closed in Btooksjire texsd
Sam at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago145
Is there traffic congestion between palm Desert and indio ca
R397 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago144
Where is the accident?
R929 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago143
What's the holdup?
R944 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago142
I10 west toward Lafayette, is there an accident?
R944 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago141
What is going on with slow moving traffic near exit 127 whiskey bay?
ET at I-10,MS - 5th May, 2017140
I 10 east closed east of 607 last ~35 minutes
R142 at I-10 - 5th May, 2017139
What is going on by Stennis on I 10 eastbound?
R142 at I-10 - 5th May, 2017138
What is going on by Dennis on I 10 eastbound?
R352 at I-10 - 5th May, 2017137
What's going on in i 10 east in Deming nm
R610 at I-10 - 4th May, 2017136
Are there any road closures between Houston and lake Charles?
R849 at I-10 - 30th Apr, 2017135
Are there any closures on I 10 from baton rouge to Baytown TX
R815 at I-10 - 30th Apr, 2017134
Have the closures been delayed due to rain?
R464 at I-10 - 29th Apr, 2017133
what is the current traffic conditions going west from New orleans to baton rouge
R625 at I-10 - 29th Apr, 2017132
How is the weather on I-10 between Tucson and Deming?
R868 at I-10 - 28th Apr, 2017131
Why is traffic stopped on I 10 W
Roadrunner at I-10 - 28th Apr, 2017130
What is the current conditions on I-10 going east?
Wonder at I-10 - 26th Apr, 2017129
Is I 10 eastbound az to nm closed
CJ at I-10 - 25th Apr, 2017128
Any info what time they will open I-10 East bond..Thanks
cj at I-10 - 25th Apr, 2017127
Is I-10 still close at az,nm??
R892 at I-10 - 25th Apr, 2017126
Looking to head from El paso to cruces. Is i10 in bad shape?
R266 at I-10 - 25th Apr, 2017125
What are wind & dust conditions i10 toward Benson
R316 at I-10 - 24th Apr, 2017124
Where is the current accident onto East bound I-10
R185 at I-10 - 23rd Apr, 2017123
I'm looking for my wife she would travel on i 10 from scottsdale to casa grande but haven't hear from her
Kacey at I-10,TX - 23rd Apr, 2017122
Burning vehicle on I-10 east near the brazos river
I -10 closed louisia - 22nd Apr, 2017121
Lafayette Police�is�currently clearing the scene of an accident on I-10 between Scott exit 97 and exit 100 in Lafayette.
Eastbound traffic diverted. Police are unsure of how long the closure may be in effect.�
I-10 eastbound - 22nd Apr, 2017120
Why is I -10 eastbound closed through Louisiana?
R358 at I-10 - 22nd Apr, 2017119
What's going on westbound i10 leaving Baton Rouge?
R357 at I-10 - 21st Apr, 2017118
What is going on by mm 150 i10w
R894 at I-10 - 21st Apr, 2017117
What's good and fast off laf exist
R783 at I-10 - 21st Apr, 2017116
Anyone know how far west traffic is slowed way down?
R875 at I-10 - 21st Apr, 2017115
What's up with the I10 traffic near Rayne
R739 at I-10 - 17th Apr, 2017114
Whats the deal with traffic ? Whats the reason for it ?
R892 at I-10 - 17th Apr, 2017113
Why is traffic so backed up on West bound I 10 out of Palm Springs
R947 at I-10 - 17th Apr, 2017112
Traffic west bound before bridge on I-10
R360 at I-10 - 16th Apr, 2017111
What's happening near Egan?
R619 at I-10 - 15th Apr, 2017110
i want to know about traffic in indio due to festival and traveling there tomorrrow from riverside
R833 at I-10 - 12th Apr, 2017109
What's up with chiriaco summit
R315 at I-10 - 12th Apr, 2017108
What is going on I 10
Chris at I-10,LA - 12th Apr, 2017107
I-10 west is backed up by Michoud exit
R575 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017106
I-10 west goes to 1 lane in Vidor.
R247 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017105
Just passed a sign that said ROAD WORK!!!!
Jim McClaugherty at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017104
This is crazy! What the heck is happening on the I-10 parking lot? I e been on the same spot for 2 1/2 hours now. Anyone know what's going on in Vidor?
R684 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017103
Vidor traffic ????
R684 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017102
What's going on
R496 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017101
sitting on I10 at vidor for 2 hours anyone know whats going on
R903 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 2017100
Does anyone know what the delay is and how long until clear on i10 near Lakewood?
R173 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 201799
What the heck??
R777 at I-10 - 11th Apr, 201798
Why is traffic on i10 toward Beaumont no moving
R890 at I-10 - 9th Apr, 201797
Why is the traffic at a stand still?
R418 at I-10 - 4th Apr, 201796
Is i 10 closed in new mexico
R551 at I-10 - 3rd Apr, 201795
Current closures along I 10 in Louisiana?
LRanaldson at I-10 - 3rd Apr, 201794
What is the weather like along I 10
R938 at I-10 - 2nd Apr, 201793
Question. Are there any closures on I 10 from Lafayette to Houston?
Roadway at I-10 - 2nd Apr, 201792
What the hell is going on the bridge on the way back to lafayette?!!
R943 at I-10 - 1st Apr, 201791
What's going on i10 orange?
R966 at I-10 - 31st Mar, 201790
Any info on current conditions near AZ NM border?
R592 at I-10 - 29th Mar, 201789
How is the weather between junction and Sonora TX?
R254 at I-10 - 26th Mar, 201788
How bad is the traffic slow down on i10 banning?
R186 at I-10 - 26th Mar, 201787
Hola i alguien de habla española
R358 at I-10 - 26th Mar, 201786
Bad bad wreck exit 80. Looks like 5th wheel went of embankment. Probably many injured/dead
R803 at I-10 - 26th Mar, 201785
What going on on I 10 westbound going toward Jennings?
R974 at I-10 - 25th Mar, 201784
On I-10 and completely stopped. Anybody know what's going on?
R198 at I-10 - 25th Mar, 201783
Anyone know why we are stopped on i10!
R337 at I-10 - 24th Mar, 201782
Roadwork slowing traffic between Phoenix and Palm Springs
R854 at I-10 - 24th Mar, 201781
Is I-10 between Phoenix and Palm Springs still down to one-lane heading west at night?
R614 at I-10 - 23rd Mar, 201780
How bad is wind between El Paso and Lordsburg?
Ter at I-10 - 23rd Mar, 201779
How is the weather between marana and Blythe today? Thanks
Texas girl at I-10,MS - 19th Mar, 201778
Very tragic accident. Multi car pile up
I-10 Moss point
Bev at I-10 - 17th Mar, 201777
Traffic backed up at Blyth. Anybody know what's how no on
J at I-10,LA - 17th Mar, 201776
I've been on I10 west next to ambassador and haven't moved in an hour.
David at I-10,CA - 17th Mar, 201775
1-10 E approaching Palm Springs totally jammed. Take Hwy 111 instead.
Jennifer at I-10,FL - 16th Mar, 201774
Accident east bound I-10 on blackwater bridge. Traffic stopped and backing up. Avoid east of mile marker 26.
red at I-10 - 16th Mar, 201773
What is going on on I10 going to columbus. Traffic is horrible.
bren at I-10 - 16th Mar, 201772
why is there traffic on columbus going to san antionio
R132 at I-10 - 15th Mar, 201771
Is there an accident
R501 at I-10 - 15th Mar, 201770
Is there an accident on I10 westbound near sealy
R718 at I-10 - 15th Mar, 201769
Any construction on I10 in la or tx?
R192 at I-10 - 13th Mar, 201768
Is I-10W open now?
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