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R695 at I-287 - 25th Oct, 201555
Why is 287 near Ennis stopped by exit 34?
R695 at I-287 - 25th Oct, 201554
Whats up w traffic s bound before 34 rome
Bruce at I-287 - 11th Oct, 201553
What is the traffic delay in 287 north near Franklin lakes?
R921 at I-287 - 9th Oct, 201552
Crazy slow at exit 39
R172 at I-287 - 26th Sep, 201551
What is the stopped traffic on 287 S Morristown?
Rosie at I-287,NJ - 26th Sep, 201550
Traffic delay on 287 south Morristown,NJ
Ms at I-287 - 9th Sep, 201549
What is causing traffic at 287north?
Nick at I-287 - 29th Aug, 201548
can I connect to 287 from 80 east?
R984 at I-287 - 26th Aug, 201547
What's the traffic about?
Ally at I-287 - 25th Aug, 201546
What town is off exit 42 from 287
R698 at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201545
I'm losing my effing mind
R698 at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201544
What's going on up ahead
R118 at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201543
What the 287 near mahwah
R636 at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201542
R358: how bad is traffic?
Alyssa at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201541
Is there still traffic on route 17 North? 287?
R639 at I-287 - 21st Aug, 201540
What the hell ? What is going on?
R875 at I-287 - 16th Aug, 201539
Any paving scheduled near outer bridge for tonigjt??
dawn at I-287 - 1st Aug, 201538
Whats going on 287 southbound by Edison? ?
R634 at I-287 - 23rd Jul, 201537
What is causing delay on 287 near exit 53
MrZip at I-287,NJ - 17th Jul, 201536
Total stop and go nb on 287 Friday morning, July 17, 2015, 10:30 am just south of Mahwah. 23 minutes to do a mile. Sb fine. Cause unknown.
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